Car Noise Emporium

Got a noise coming from under the hood?  Play nearly 30 car noises and get the official diagnosis.

Change a Flat with Car Talk

Check out Click and Clack's official guide and get tips for a safe flat-tire pit stop.

Official Car Talk Guide to Jump-Starting Your Car

Ever wonder how to jump start your car — without exploding yourself into the next zip code?  Our Official Car Talk Guide to Jump Starting Your Car can help.

How to Be a Great Customer

What can you do other than bring fresh brownies? Find out!

Where to Repair? Dealer or Independent

Who's right for you — and who's less expensive?  Check out results of a Car Talk study.

Special Needs Zone

Do you use a wheelchair, are you sized a bit differently, or do you require adapative equipment for your jalopy?  Our Special Needs Zone can help.

5 Great Holiday Gifts for Your Mechanic

If there's one thing we know about mechanics, they're not above flat-out bribery. One of these gifts should get your tires rotated ahead of everybody else in line.

Understanding Your Frustrating Navigation System

Navigation systems were supposed to help you find your destination easier, but a lot of them are more frustrating than folding a paper map from AAA. Here's how to understand some of the features.

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