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We had been using a different program before and the response had been fairly tepid. We’ve had a marvelous response to the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program.

-- Luke Dennis, WYSO Public Radio, Yellow Springs, Ohio

I decided to donate my car! Car Talk has an amazing car donation program that allows you to donate any car in any condition. All the funds go towards your local public radio station and help fund all of your favorite local programs. The process has been easy and everyone I've spoken with has been incredibly friendly.I'm glad she will continue to be put to good use. So long old gal, you were a great car.

-- Krystal D., Tulsa OK

The end of an era. We just donated our car through Car Talk’s super easy vehicle donation program. Sad to see it go, but know the proceeds will fund great programming for our local NPR station.

-- Larissa, Washington Heights, NY

Three reasons why...

Whole station approach

From stand-out on-air and digital messaging, to trusted donor handholding, to revenue maximization and customer service, CTVDS provides more to every station.

Most efficient program

No hidden costs or overhead charges. CTVDP returns 70% of gross revenue to stations.

Public Radioʼs Longest Running Vehicle Donation Program

CTVDS was founded and is staffed by public radio’s top producers, programmers and fundraisers. We know what stations need and we know how to deliver it.

To partner with the best vehicle donation program in public radio, call Jay Clayton:

About the Program

Why do we do this?

For more than three decades, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, (aka Click and Clack) delighted public radio audiences every week with their humor, their honesty and their joyful approach to life.

While Tom and Ray are no longer taking calls, this program — encouraging public radio listeners turn their old cars into the programs they love — is part of Tom and Ray’s legacy.

Ray and our incredibly talented staff of public radio veterans and stars run the program out of a love for public radio, the stations that create it, and the people who listen to it.

It’s a way for Car Talk to keep giving to public radio. We’d love to put our team to work helping your station. Get in touch!

Car being towed away for donation to NPR station

Program Results

  • 120,000
    Number of vehicles successfully donated
  • $40M
    ...And counting! Dollar amount of old cars turned into public radio programs!
  • 70%
    The guaranteed percentage of gross written in our contract with you. Nobody delivers more.

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