Donating Your Car To Public Radio in Wisconsin

Your car, truck, van, motorcycle, RV, boat, or other vehicle can be donated to your local Wisconsin public radio station! Wisconsin has more than 2.1 million vehicles registered across the state. The average vehicle registered is 11.5 years old, about the same as the national average. What about that old car sitting in your garage? Turn it into funds for your favorite public radio station! When you donate a car to a Wisconsin public radio station, you’ll also receive a tax deduction. Learn more about the Wisconsin car donation process!

Which stations in Wisconsin does the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program support?

The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program will provide funds to the Wisconsin Public Radio station of your choice. Wisconsin Public Radio consists of 37 stations that serve listeners across the state. Your WPR car donation will support locally produced programs such as To The Best of Our Knowledge and Zorba Paster On Your Health.