North Carolina Car Donation

If you have a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, or another vehicle that’s taking up space in your garage, donate it to your favorite public radio station in North Carolina through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program! With an estimated 3.4 million vehicles registered across the state, there are thousands of cars in North Carolina just sitting around. Turn your forgotten car into a source of funding for your favorite North Carolina public radio station! WUNC - 91.5 FM is North Carolina’s NPR station that relies on listeners like you to support the news and entertainment programs for the Research Triangle area.

How to Donate a Car to North Carolina Public Radio

The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program will return 80% of the proceeds generated from your car donation directly to the North Carolina public radio station of your choice. The best part of donating a car in North Carolina is the support that you’ll provide to the stations who deliver the music and news programming to your radio every day. The second best part is how easy it is to donate a car:

  1. Have your vehicle title ready.
  2. Follow this link to the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program or call us at 1-877-215-0227.
  3. Answer the questions about your car and yourself.
  4. Select a date and time to have your car picked up.

It’s that simple.

What paperwork do I need to fill out?

When you donate a car to Public Radio in North Carolina, you’ll need to transfer your vehicle title. Please note that TITLES IN NORTH CAROLINA MUST BE NOTARIZED! Don’t sign it until you’re in the presence of a Notary Public! Here’s how to transfer your title:

  • PRINTING and SIGNING your name in the SELLER section on the BACK of the title
  • Make sure it’s EXACTLY as it appears printed on the front of the title.

If you’re missing the vehicle title, you can obtain a duplicate from the North Carolina DMV. Find out how on the North Carolina DMV website.

Do I have to do anything on the day my vehicle gets picked up?

The day of your scheduled vehicle pickup, you’ll need to provide the driver with the completed title, along with the keys. After the car is sold, you'll receive a vehicle donation receipt for tax purposes.

Can I still donate my car if it doesn’t pass the emissions inspection in North Carolina?

Yes! In North Carolina, vehicles newer than 20 years old that are in one of 20 counties located near major metropolitan areas must have their emissions tested every year. If your car doesn’t pass and it’s currently clogging up your driveway because it failed, we’ll help you get rid of it and you’ll put it to good use. A vehicle donation is a great way to move that car along and support your favorite public radio station.

What stations does the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program support in North Carolina?

A car donation to the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program will provide funds to the North Carolina Public Radio station of your choice. WUNC provides quality news, information, and entertainment content to create an informed and engaged audience in North Carolina. Your North Carolina Public Radio car donation will support programs like It’s Been a Minute With Sam Sanders, The State of Things, and Ft. Bragg Stories.

WFAE - 90.7 FM is the Charlotte region’s source of news and information. With over 200,000 weekly listeners, WFAE offers regional, national, and international news coverage. Your WFAE car donation will help fund favorite programs such as Charlotte Talks, She Says, and Still Here.