Donate Your Car in New York

If you have a car, truck, SUV, minivan, boat or just about any other type of vehicle that you’re not using as much as you were a few years ago, you can donate it to New York Public Radio - WNYC (93.3 FM) and support the programming you love, whether it’s on the radio, or streaming online.

Vehicle donation offers many advantages over selling your car. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll avoid the hassle of having to show the car to random strangers at inconvenient times. We’ll schedule a pickup, and your donation goes directly to support the New York Public Radio news, business and entertainment programming you listen to every day.

How does a car donation help New York Public Radio?

According to Nielsen Audio, WNYC has about 950,000 listeners every week. The average cash donation ends up being about $120. That donation is what keeps public radio going, and all those donations add up.

But imagine the power of donating a car to WNYC. According to some sources, even a junk car is worth $250 in scrap. What about a running car, when vehicles are in short supply? Imagine if just 10 percent of those 950,000 listeners donated a car that was worth $1,000. That’s $9.5 million!

And unlike the average vehicle donation site, where less than 50 percent of the donation goes to charity, the Car Talk Vehicle Donation program delivers over 70 percent of the value of every donated vehicle directly to the station of your choice. We cover the cost of towing and processing the vehicles, but the rest of the proceeds are sent directly to support your favorite programming.

How To Donate a Car to New York Public Radio - WNYC (93.3 FM)

  1. Have your vehicle title and registration (if the vehicle is currently registered) ready.
  2. Click the link to the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program to get started, or call us at 1-877-215-0227.
  3. Answer the questions about your car and yourself.
  4. Select a date and time to have your car picked up.

What do you need to complete your car donation to New York Public Radio?

There are a few things you’ll need when you’re ready to donate. Don’t worry, it’s easy, and it’s required by New York whether you donate a car, or sell it outright:

  1. Complete and sign your vehicle title -- Note: New York only titles vehicles that are from 1973 or newer, so if your vehicle is older than 1973, you’ll complete and sign the valid registration instead.
  2. If your title is missing, you can get a duplicate through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

On the day of pickup?

The day of your scheduled vehicle pickup, you’ll need to provide the driver with the completed title, along with the keys. After the vehicle sells, you'll receive a vehicle donation receipt for tax purposes

What programs does a car donation support?

WNYC produces content that NPR listeners enjoy across the country, even if they’re thousands of miles from New York. Programs like On the Media, The New Yorker Radio Hour, RadioLab, Death, Sex & Money, Science Friday, Consider This and The United States of Anxiety are produced by New York Public Radio and delivered to stations, and downloaded by podcast listeners all over the country.

And WNYC delivers the quality programming that listeners depend on every single day. All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, and the BBC News Hour deliver fair, accurate reporting to listeners whenever they need it. At WQXR, music programming like Metropolitan Opera Radio Saturday Matinee Broadcasts, The New York Philharmonic This Week, McGraw Hill Young Artists Showcase and Movies on the Radio provide outstanding classical music to the metropolitan New York area.

What are some good car donation resources in New York?

The Car Talk Vehicle donation program will provide funds to the New YorkPublic Radio station of your choice.