Donate a Car in Nebraska

You listen to Nebraska Public Media for your favorite national programs like Weekend Edition and All Things Considered. But you also dig into the great local programming Nebraska Public Media produces, like Friday Live and Center of Gravity, the podcast about the culture of skateboarding in Nebraska. Donating a vehicle to Nebraska Public Media helps support those programs, while helping you get rid of a car you’re not using, and providing you with a tax benefit in the process.

How do I donate a vehicle to Nebraska Public Media?

Donating a vehicle to Nebraska Public Media is an easy process, but you’ll want to be aware of a few specific steps:

  1. Select the public radio station in Nebraska you’d like to support
  2. Complete and sign your vehicle title
  3. Note: If your vehicle is missing its title, you can obtain a duplicate online from the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. You can learn more at the DMV website.
  4. Have your vehicle title ready.
  5. Click the link to the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program to get started, call us at 1-877-215-0227 or you can choose the Nebraska Public Radio Stations from the list below.
  6. Answer the questions about your car and yourself.
  7. Select a date and time to have your car picked up.

What paperwork do I need to complete to donate a car to Nebraska Public Media?

Vehicle Title: In order to complete your Nebraska car donation, transfer your title by PRINTING and SIGNING your name in the correct field in the box labeled “SELLER MUST COMPLETE” on the FRONT of the title, and make sure it’s EXACTLY as it appears printed on the front of the title.

What should I expect on the day of pickup?

The day of your scheduled vehicle pickup, you’ll need to provide the driver with the completed title, along with the keys. After the vehicle sells, you'll receive a vehicle donation receipt for tax purposes.

Can I donate something other than a car to Nebraska Public Media?

Absolutely. Nebraska has about 685,000 vehicles registered across the state, but that doesn’t include things like snowmobiles, ATVs, boats and travel trailers. We’ll accept those, too!

The average vehicle registered is 13.7 years old, more than two years older than the national average. That means there may be tens of thousands of cars sitting around in the state that you wouldn’t pay to fix if somebody dared you. But forgotten, unused, unloved cars are a great source of funding for your favorite local public radio station.

While the best part of donating a car in Nebraska is the support you provide to the people who deliver news, music and insightful talk to your radio every single day, the second best part is how easy it is to donate.

My car won’t run. Is it still ok to donate to Nebraska Public Media?

Yes! If your vehicle is currently clogging up your driveway because it died, we’ll help you get rid of it and you’ll put it to good use. A vehicle donation is a great way to move that car along and support your favorite public radio station.

What Stations Does the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program support in Nebraska?

The Car Talk Vehicle donation program will provide funds to the Nebraska Public Radio station of your choice.