How to Donate a Vehicle in Michigan

Even if you’re not from Michigan, you may have listened to programs on Michigan Radio’s live stream, or on one of its podcasts. All of this content that you’ve come to rely upon is expensive to produce. The largest source of Michigan Radio’s funding comes from you, the listener. Last year, Michigan Radio took in over $5 million in pledges and support over 54,000 individuals just like you. That works out to an average cash donation of about $93.

How difficult is it to donate a car in Michigan?

While the best part of donating a car in Michigan is the support you provide to the people who deliver news, music and insightful talk to your radio every single day, the second best part is how easy it is to donate:

  1. Have your vehicle title ready.
  2. Follow this link to the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program or call us at 1-877-215-0227.
  3. Answer the questions about your car and yourself.
  4. Select a date and time to have your car picked up.

It’s really that easy.

Note: If your vehicle is missing its title, you can obtain a duplicate online from the Michigan Secretary of State. You can learn more about title replacement at the the Secretary of State’s website.

What do you need to know when donating a vehicle in Michigan?

Of course, there’s a bit of paperwork you need to fill out. On the day your vehicle is picked up, you’ll need a few things to complete the process:

Vehicle Title: In order to complete your Michigan car donation, transfer your title by PRINTING and SIGNING your name in the correct field of the at the bottom of the “COMPLETED BY SELLER” box on the FRONT of the title, and make sure it’s EXACTLY as it appears printed at the top of the title.

What should I expect on the day of pickup?

The day of your scheduled vehicle pickup, you’ll need to provide the driver with the completed title, along with the keys. After the vehicle sells, you'll receive a vehicle donation receipt for tax purposes.

What are some good car donation resources in Michigan?

The Car Talk Vehicle donation program will provide funds to the MichiganPublic Radio station of your choice.