Donate a Car To Public Radio in Illinois

If you have a car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, RV, travel trailer, boat, or another vehicle you don’t use anymore, you can donate it to your favorite Illinois public radio station. Vehicle donation is a quick and easy way to get rid of your car, support your local NPR station, and receive a tax deduction!

All you have to do is select your station, provide information about your vehicle, schedule a pickup, and sign your title! Your car donation will directly support the Illinois Public Radio - 91.9 FM news, music, and entertainment programs you love.

What programs does a car donated through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program support?

The Car Talk Vehicle donation program will provide funds to the Illinois Public Radio station of your choice. WUIS is owned by the University of Illinois Springfield and reaches over 600,000 people across 16 counties. Programs such as Statewide, Stink Bug, The X, and State Week are produced by NPR Illinois and benefit from your donation to the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program.

WBEZ is Chicago’s NPR station and relies on funding from listeners to deliver the news and programs you love. Chicago Public Media is the birthplace of iconic shows such as This American Life and Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me. Other programs that benefit from your car donation include Consider This, Curious City, and Art of Power.