Donating Your Car To Public Radio in Washington, DC

Donate a car to your favorite Washington, DC public radio station! We accept all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and more. Washington, DC has more than 350,000 vehicles registered throughout the district. The average vehicle registered is 11.8 years old, right at the national average. Even with that few cars registered, there are still thousands of cars in Washington, DC just sitting around in a driveway or garage. You can turn that forgotten car into a great source of revenue for your favorite local public radio station by donating it through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program!

Which public radio stations in Washington, DC does the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program support?

Donations through the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program will provide funds to the Washington, DC Public Radio station of your choice. WAMU - 88.5 FM is the D.C. metro area’s source of NPR news and information. Your WAMU car donation will support favorite programs such as 1A, The Big Broadcast, and Diane Rehm:  On My Mind.

WETA-FM (90.9)