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  • Happy pickup donor supporting public radio
  • We recently donated our 2003 Honda Accord (Stella) to New Hampshire Public Radio. She's the car I had when I met my husband, the car in which we brought our first child home from the hospital, and the car I listened to hundreds of episodes of This American Life in when I was on maternity leave with my second child. She was a great car, and when the time came, we knew we wanted to support our local NPR station to keep great programs on the air. Thank you!

    Tyler, Dover, NH
  • Public radio fan donating his car to support Morning Edition
  • I'm selling our Saab Turbo. I truly loved it—so powerful so comfortable, and with such incredibly good gas mileage! I feel sad to see it go, but I really don't need it anymore.

    I am especially happy that my donation to WSHU can be of some help. I've supported them for many years. I love their programming!

    Paula, Westport, CT
  • This happy donor had no idea donating a car to public radio was so easy
  • Our car listened as many conversations were had in her seats: the kinds of conversations that silly boys have, or conversations defining relationships, or conversations seeking identity, or conversations that strive to answer the questions of the universe, or conversations that seal friendships and brotherhood. She heard many more things than the parents heard, and she was proud that she could be that car, that she could have her own stories. And now, today, we donate her to WBEZ to carry on the conversations.

    Robin, Chicago, IL
  • This Peter Sagal fan found it easy to donate her car to support public radio!
  • I spent seventeen wonderful years with my Honda CR-V. That car got me through tough times—after my mom died, the car helped move all her belongings. It got me through magical times—on an extended Nova Scotia trip. And it got me through sweet times—a concert rain-out turned into a delightful picnic when we improvised by hopping in the back and opening up the hatch.

    And now that the time has come to part ways, selling my car just didn’t feel right. I realized that a far more noble and appropriate departure was to support another dependable and wonderful part of my life—NPR.

    Thank you my dear green Honda and thank you WFCR for providing this fitting farewell for my faithful companion.

    Bette, Amherst, MA
  • My youngest is off to college, and we don't need 3 cars for our 2-car garage. So, my beloved Saab must go. Why not donate it to Minnesota Public Radio? It's a rare thing on the radio these days—intelligent conversation.

    Jim, Minneapolis, MN
  • Our car’s raison d’être was to provide transportation for two teenage boys. In her glory years she carried guitars, amps, soccer gear, any number of socks and shoes, camping gear, dates for formals, and the lingering smell of a sour Starbuck’s hot chocolate. We’re delighted to donate her to support NPR, which was always on, no matter what!

    Susan, Park City, UT
  • NPR stations receive car donations from passionate fans like this one!
  • I am so sad to say goodbye to our Toyota Sienna. She holds the chronicles of our family life: from lugging my son, his friends, and all their equipment to hockey games, to transporting various bands and equipment around Brooklyn and Manhattan, and thousands of trips to the beach.

    Despite my mixed feelings, I'm really glad this car is going to WNYC, as I can't imagine it having a better afterlife-chasing down stories and listening for intrigue!

    Sarah, New York, NY
  • This Morning Edition listener is glad to donate her car to support public radio!
  • Saying goodbye to a car may not seem like a significant event, but it’s saying goodbye to many shared miles and memories. It makes it all the more significant that she now awaits pickup for donation to Maine Public Radio. My electric blue PT Cruiser’s going to bring more public radio programming to all of us!

    Jane, Northport, ME
  • This Colorado couple donated their car to support the NPR programs they love!
  • I’ve been listening to WNYC for several years now. I hear the fundraising drives and never feel like I can make a donation. But, donating my Hyundai, Bert, was perfect for me. Bert drove Grandma Alice to stamp club meetings in Brighton Beach, and drove cross country many times, with dog and cat in the back.

    My favorite show is On Being, but I listen to the news in the morning as well, and turn it on whenever I’m in the kitchen making meals.

    Thanks for making this donation possible!

    Dana, Brooklyn, NY
  • This woman was happy to support her NPR station with a car donation!

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