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2040 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, us

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Keeps track of your cars repair history for you
Has ASE certified mechanics
Road tests vehicles when appropriate
They are always honest
They are competent
Their repair price is reasonable
They complete the work in a timely manner
They respond well when they screw something up
They take the time to explain the problems and necessary repairs
They treat male and female customers in the same manner
They are always honest
I would use this mechanic again
I would recommend this mechanic to others
They fix the problem the first time
The shop is located in a safe neighborhood
The hours of operation are convenient for customers
They are near public transportation (or provide loaners, shuttle bus, rides as needed)
Aug 15, 2004
Robert is my guy. I work in Mission Bay, so the location is great for me. He's located near the 101 freeway at the base of Potrero Hill (North face) in a very safe neighborhood. I will describe some visits to the shop. The night before, I attempted to change my fuel filter, and the darn thing kept leaking. I had scheduled an appointment with Action Auto Care for the next day, but I showed uplate in the day (after trying to fix it). Because the fuel leak was a safety issue, they tried hard to get to it the same day, even though they were busy and I was late. When I brought it in, he told me that the aftermarket filter doesn't fit, he called his supplier immediately and told me the parts cost (and labor). His description of the problem also convinced me that he is quite experienced. I was impressed. The next appointment was for a fast leak in my tire. It was a Saturday, and they were open, so I took it in. He fixed my tire in the time it would have taken to walk to the nearby Starbucks (2 blocks away) and back. Awesome. The Starbucks has come in handy on other occasions. There is also some furniture shopping and a good deli/pannini place in the same direction, about two more blocks away. My car developed problems starting, and I described the symptoms over the phone to Robert. He predicted that the starter was going (correctly). He immediately called his supplier, explained that their rebuilt starters are the best in his experience, and quoted me the parts price. Labor was reasonable, and he was able to do the job the next day. He repaired it quickly with the right parts at the price he quoted. Awesome. My car developed a funny running noise that I had read about on a Geo website- an alternator problem. He confirmed the problem with a voltmeter within 3 minutes of my arrival, and again called his suppliers to immediately quote me for parts and labor. Two hours later (on a Friday afternoon), the car was done, and I was able to make my movie date. I trust this guy implicitly, and even my wife, who would feel totally intimidated by most mechanics, liked Robert. It's quite nice to know that there is a good place she can go if the car is having problems. The shop sepcializes in Japanese cars, but has branched out as regular customers have purchased domestics and European imports. It's clear that he's loyal to his long-time customers and inspires the same loyalty in them. I have two friends who go to Action Auto Care now, and they have similar stories.
Dec 14, 2001
Robert is the head mechanic at Action Auto. He's a great guy and his mechanics are good too. They rarely make mistakes, but they are always ready to admit they might be in error and to fix anything. I've never had any safety related errors crop up after they've done work. The biggest thing is that they are totally scrupulously honest. They've never inflated a job and have often reduced the price from the amount of time they actually spent because they felt they should have been able to do it in less time that it actually took. Great shop, great guys.
Sep 11, 2002
Robert is a courtious and thoughtful manager who tries to take the time to explain the problem, and get you a fair quote prior to doing any work. he seems to have a good grasp on his machanics, and they respond well to suggestions and questions you may have.
Mar 11, 2006
Most honest shop/mechanician I ever met. Robert is straight forward, honest and knowledgable. A real pleasure!
May 29, 2006
Robert and his mechanics are great. The first time I went in with my car (an ancient Ford Falcon) Robert sat with me and talked about what I wanted from a mechanic and about what he wanted from a customer - we were agreed that he would be honest and I would be nice. It's been a great relationship through 3 different cars. I live about 25 miles away, but I still take my car there - as do many other customers I've met who come from as far away as San Jose. The fact is Robert is scrupulously honest in every way. It's such a relief to have a mechanic who is as trustworthy as a friend. He's also a very talented mechanic and when his employees can't figure something out they call him in. I highly recommend that if you have a car in San Francisco or anywhere nearby that you take it to Action Auto Care!
Dec 08, 2006
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Good work at a reasonable price, explains what's happening and how much it's going to cost with out any hassels or unnecessary items plied on. A nice shop to do business with.
Oct 29, 2007
I found out about Action Auto Care right here on this website. I have an old car from Iowa with a rusty under body, but few miles. Despite the pain in the neck my car can be, Rob has been honest and helpful. I have never felt as comfortable leaving my car as I do at Action Auto Care.
Jun 03, 2009
These guys must be the most honest car mechanics in the world! Robert Kim, the owner, always explains everything -- including all of your options besides repair work -- beforehand and he's almost always right. My partner used them for years and I finally took my 12 year old American car to them and was very satisfied with the service. One example: One time my car wouldn't start and I had it towed into Action Auto. Robert checked it out, found nothing wrong, and told me, "Look, it's an old car. Who knows what could've happened? Maybe it's a one-time glitch. Don't worry about it unless it happens again." And he charged me NOTHING -- zero, zip, nada -- for the inspection and diagnosis. I think that says it all. Patronize Action Auto in complete confidence!
Jul 23, 2010
Robert Kim is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent troubleshooter. He educates his customers so they understand what he is doing and why. He is extremely honest and will tell you when he doesn't think you need to spend the money on something. When I walked in asking for a full service, he told me I should start out with the cheaper intermediate service, and they would determine if the car's condition suggested the need for a full service. When he discovered a slight leak in the power steering, he told me it was much cheaper for now to keep the power steering fluid filled than to do a major replacement of power steering components. He replaced my brake pads and rotors, explaining to me when and why the rotors need to be replaced periodically with brake pad changes. He is in such demand that you usually have to make a appointment one week in advance, but unless you have an emergency problem, it is well worth the wait. By the way, when he got to my car later in the day than when he told me he would, he lent me his Toyota Tacoma so that I could pick up my son from day camp and bring him to his shop to pick up my car. He had just met me that day, but apparently felt that he had an obligation to help me out, because I was inconvenienced by his busy schedule. This is a man who gives you his word and then stands by it, a mechanic who lives by a code we should all aspire to. That's why his customers are so loyal and why he can inspire such loyalty with just one visit.

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