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| Oct 03, 2014

  • GM recalls 524K vehicles for issues with hood latches and toe link nuts. After opening and closing the hood repeatedly to fix previous recalls, the latch gives out. You can write your own joke about the "toe link nuts." (Story from Autoblog)

  • Warren Buffett buys car dealerships… He went for $2,000 cash back instead of zero-down zero-interest for 72-months. (Story from Automotive News)

  • The little German company nobody wanted in 1945 has now produced 200 million cars and trucks. Time for a new motto. We suggest: "VW: Quantity is job 1." (Story from Autoblog)

  • Here's a review of the 2015 Ford Transit van. Not bad, but we know the true test of a van is how well it accommodates a nude mermaid mural. (Review from Yahoo Autos)

  • The Citroen Cactus at the Paris Auto Show. We guess that's one way to keep the masses from touching the display vehicles.  (Review from Autoblog)

  • Chevy Corvair celebrated a birthday yesterday--debuted October 3, 1959. Hope Ralph Nader remembered to send a card. (Story from Yahoo


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