Tim Cotton

Tim Cotton | Jun 01, 2016

No one understands how Tim Cotton got to Car Talk but there must have been some miscommunication somewhere along the line. A 28-year veteran of police work, the former rock and roll radio “news guy” moved to the law enforcement field because of the better schedule and free gas for “driving around.” A lifetime Mainer, his dry presentation of facts are colorfully bound by humorous anecdotes and sarcastic, yet friendly, advice and observations.

His missives have been presented on the Bangor Maine Police Department’s Facebook page since 2014 when he was tapped to take over for a retiring colleague. Knowing nothing of social media, Cotton’s presentation of the police department’s activities has moved the number of page followers from 9500 to over 161,000 in the span of two years.

Cotton has owned over 60 cars and trucks and he does not recall the number of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles that have passed through his well-manicured hands. None of the vehicles are memorable or collectible but his love for his long lost 1970  Plymouth Gran Fury Coupe III “Inertia Wagon” still leaves him hopeful that the paisley patterned vinyl roof will make a comeback.

His writings have brought him the attention that he does not deserve, and are talked about in a positive light by: the Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post. NPR’s Morning Edition even demanded he read his Fourth of July 2014 post about fireworks on-air as they played patriotic tunes in the background. It brought a tear to his eye. Probably to many listeners as well.

Cotton was recognized by the University of Dayton’s Erma Bombeck’s Writer’s Workshop and named Humor Writer of the month in February of 2016.

He is happy to have been tapped by Car Talk staff to share his observations and ability to decimate all of the rules that good writers have adhered to for generations.

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