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Oct 01, 1999

How can I clean out my windshield wiper fluid container?

Dear Car Talk

My ' Honda Civic EX recently developed a new feature The blue windshield washer solution has been colonized by some pink slime that smells like somebody's unwashed gym clothes My microbiologist co-worker says that there are some forms of microbial...

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May 01, 1999

Every time I press the windshield wiper button my car stalls!

Dear Car Talk

It started last fall as I was driving my wife's ' Taurus When I depressed the windshield washer button the car immediately stalled I had to get the car towed to a Ford dealer who analyzed the problem and told...

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Mar 01, 1997

Will frequent windshield wiper use wear down the windshield?

Dear Car Talk

My father is always telling me to turn my windshield wipers down or off whenever possible He says they will wear into the windshield glass especially at high speed Is this true -- Jessica TOM Your father is an unmitigated...

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Jun 01, 1995

What could cause windshield wipers to come on while accelerating?

Dear Car Talk

I have a GMC pickup with a V engine and automatic transmission It is in excellent shape with approximately miles on it Recently each time I step on the gas pedal a little extra hard for passing the windshield wipers...


Dec 01, 1994

We're writing to you rather than our Congressman or Senator...

Dear Car Talk

We're writing to you rather than our Congressman or Senator only because we think you two are much more influential than they could ever hope to be Our campaign is safety and if anyone can rouse the sleeping gnats of...

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Nov 01, 1994

I get upset with my wife when she leaves windshield...

Dear Car Talk

I get upset with my wife when she leaves windshield wipers and heater or air conditioner switches in the on position when she turns off the ignition The wipers are often stopped in their tracks in the middle of the...

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Feb 01, 1993

How to keep windshield wiper fluid from freezing.

Dear Car Talk

This may seem trivial but it really frosts my gizzard My windshield washers don't work in sub-freezing weather In October I switch from water to guaranteed to below washer fluid so that by the time we have hard freezes I...

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May 01, 1992

Wipers with a moisture-related problem.

Dear Car Talk

My Nissan SX has a windshield wiper problem that none of the mechanics I have consulted seem to be able to fix At random times while driving in bad weather the wiper blades will first start to slow down as...