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Jan 20, 2016

Winter Arrives: A History of Snow Plows, Winter Tires, and More

Jim Motavalli

January is blowing a wintry blast across America, and it's time to think about snow removal--and driving on safe tires.

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Winter car recommendations
Dec 08, 2015

Is Hyundai Elantra GT the Right Car for Winter?

Dear Car Talk

Martin slid off the highway last winter and is worried that his 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT is not the right car for winter. What does Car Talk suggest?

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Subaru Impreza has a cracked plastic bumper
Jun 16, 2015

To Fix or Not to Fix: The Plastic Bumper

Dear Car Talk

Today: Car Talk hears from Kathy who scraped off a piece of her bumper on a icy snow bank in her driveway this past winter. The repair is expensive so she's wondering if it's necessary. Our advice, right here.

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Cat seeking shelter under the hood of a car.
Mar 10, 2015

Shelter from the Storm

Kieran Lindsey

Tips from Car Talk's wildlife specialist, Dr. Kieran Lindsay, on how to keep the fur and feathers from flying in your engine this winter.

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Mt Washington snow coach
Feb 18, 2015

VIDEO: We Climb Mount Washington in the Snow (in a nice, warm van)!

Craig Fitzgerald

Contributor Craig Fitzgerald examines the SnowCoach at New Hampshire's Mount Washington, a one-ton Chevy 15-passenger van equipped with four-wheel drive and snowmobile tracks.

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Jan 30, 2015

Winter Tires: Here's Why You Need Them

Jim Motavalli

Remember when the first day of winter meant hauling out the snow tires? We've been fooled by "all-season radials" into thinking we don't need winter tires anymore, but who're we kidding?

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Interstate pileup (AP photo)
Jan 23, 2015

Ten Tips for Avoiding an Interstate Pileup

Guest Bloggers

Car Talk guest blogger Jim Graham narrowly dodged being part of a 35-car pileup during a recent snow squall. How did he do it? See his 10 tips, right here.

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How front-wheel cars work
Dec 26, 2014

A Wellspring of Misinformation!

Dear Car Talk

Today: Marc's dealership told him that if he wants to avoid getting stuck on ice in his front-wheel drive Nissan Altima, he should always make sure to park with his right tires on the dry pavement. Is this how front-wheel drive cars work, or does his dealer have his head up his differential? Car Talk explains, right here.

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How anti-lock brakes work
Jun 05, 2014

Phil vs. Wife: Who's Right About ABS?

Dear Car Talk

Phil wants Tom and Ray to weigh in on a difference of opinion between himself and his wife. Tom says you're not supposed to pump the brakes when you have an anti-lock braking system, but his wife says she heard on MythBusters that it's safe. Find out how anti-lock braking systems work, right here. 

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Winter driving tips from ski resort shuttle company
Jan 24, 2014

Winter Driving with the Pros: Alta Ski Area

Staff Blog

We asked a driver who makes daily trips up and down the single most avalanche-prone road in North America for his best winter driving tip. What is it? (Other than, "Don't get buried!"?) Find out, right here.

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