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can i clean out the weep channels in my car myself
Nov 01, 2010

Today: Tom and Ray help Annah de-leakify her Camry's roof.

Dear Car Talk

A few years ago, our 1998 Camry started to leak water inside. This is a problem in Oregon, so we took it in for repair, and 500 dollars later, they told us that they cleared the "weep channels" in the sunroof. Evidently...

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Cleaning olive oil off windshield
Feb 01, 2010

Today: Find out why Tom put Filippo Berio Olive Oil on his windshield.

Dear Car Talk

We had a big snowstorm this week. Not wanting to scrape the ice off my windshield, the night before the storm I looked around for something to put under my wipers to keep the ice off. Unable to come up...

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can steadying a windshield with an arm or fist prevent it from being damaged by projectiles
May 01, 2003

Is it true that by placing a fist on your windshield you can prevent it from shattering?

Dear Car Talk

I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon in Africa Maybe you've never been to Africa but generally despite romantic images of dirt roads leading off into dark forests most of the highways in Africa are paved Except in Gabon...

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Jun 01, 1998

Is it possible to fix a winshield scratch without repalcing the windshield?

Dear Car Talk

I've got a Subaru Legacy Wagon which I LOVE But one day in some very heavy rain my windshield wiper blade sort of slipped out of its channel and the metal arm scratched my windshield I didn't even notice it...

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May 01, 1998

How do I get car wax off my windshield?

Dear Car Talk

I get my car washed at the gas station car wash a couple of times a month and always get the super duper package which includes spray-on wax Now I know that I am supposed to wash and wax my...

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Nov 01, 1997

Are Super Soaker water guns powerful enough to crack a windshield?

Dear Car Talk

A week ago my -year-old son and his friend came running into the house to inform me that my Dodge Caravan had mysteriously developed a crack right down the middle of the windshield They excitedly announced their discovery while holding...


Mar 01, 1997

Will frequent windshield wiper use wear down the windshield?

Dear Car Talk

My father is always telling me to turn my windshield wipers down or off whenever possible He says they will wear into the windshield glass especially at high speed Is this true -- Jessica TOM Your father is an unmitigated...

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Nov 01, 1994

I read your column every week and really enjoy it...

Dear Car Talk

I read your column every week and really enjoy it Being single I try to keep up with car care as cheaply as possible Here's my current problem I accidentally glued my rearview mirror button on the front windshield with...


Sep 01, 1992

How do I remove self-inlicted scratches from my windshield?

Dear Car Talk

The windshield on my Lexus ES developed a film outside the surface cleared by the windshield wipers Normal glass cleaning liquid would not cut it So I tried cleaning the area with a green nylon pad called Scotch Bright along...

DIY cleaning windshields

Jun 01, 1992

Why isn't there such a thing as windshield defrosters?

Dear Car Talk

Here's a question that perhaps you can answer I've spoken with several car salesmen who have yet to come up with an answer for me on this issue I don't think it's that difficult a question so I thought I'd...

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