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Mar 01, 1994

I drove my Ford Taurus station wagon about miles parked...

Dear Car Talk

I drove my Ford Taurus station wagon about miles parked it and then came back two hours later and the rear window was gone Most of the glass was on the inside The frame was very clean and there was...


Dec 01, 1993

Electric windows: will they work if you drive into a river?

Dear Car Talk

My mother has an anxiety that has puzzled my family for quite a while now Our Buick Electra has electric windows If my mother were to drive off the side of a bridge and land in the river would the...

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Oct 01, 1993

How can I install a rear window defroster kit?

Dear Car Talk

Help You are my last resort My dear cousin gave me a defroster kit for the rear window of my two-door Ford Escort The kit is three years old now and I still haven't found a mechanic who will put...

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Oct 01, 1991

$2000 worth of Saran wrap.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible On Halloween someone played a prank on me which was not appreciated My clear plastic rear convertible window was slashed The cut is about three inches long and surgically straight I have been...

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Aug 01, 1991

What's the verdict on do-it-yourself rear defrosters?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Mitsubishi Eclipse I bought the car from a friend who had been living in Georgia and took it with me when I moved to New York The problem is that the car has no rear defroster I...

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Apr 01, 1990

Why won't my windows defrost in the cold?

Dear Car Talk

I have Toyota Cressida It's a fine car except that when it gets cold and rains or snows the inside of the my windows fog or ice up What's wrong Wilson RAY Well my first guess is that you forgot...

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Dec 01, 1989

Why are windows wired so they only operate when the ignition is on?

Dear Car Talk

Why in the world do car makers connect power window circuits so that the ignition switch must be turned on in order to operate the windows It's a pain You get out of the car and realize you left a...

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