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What wheels are best for a Ram Laramie
Jan 07, 2014

Big or Little? Which Wheels Better for New Pickup?

Dear Car Talk

Stewart's buying a new Ram Laramie and has to choose between 20" and 17" wheels. He wants whichever will give him the best mileage as he tows a 7500 pound trailer. And whichever will be easiest for his wife and dog (who both have short legs) to get in and out of. Find out what Tom and Ray recommend, right here. 

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Can't remove wheels from a Camry
Nov 19, 2013

Best Way to Loosen Stuck Lug Nuts?

Dear Car Talk

Nick's newish Camry is great except for one problem--he can't remove the wheels when he needs to swap in his snow tires. The dealership was able to help him out (with sledgehammers). The service manager says Nick can loosen the lug nuts just a bit and then drive a short distance, and the wheels will come loose on their own. Can this possibly be good advice? Tom and Ray offer some clarification, right here.


How important are ball joints
Sep 19, 2013

Don't Gamble on Ball Joints

Dear Car Talk

A mechanic at John's local quick oil change place told him his ball joints were worn. John hasn't noticed any changes in the handling or tire wear, and he doesn't trust this guy. What should he do? Tom and Ray say even if this mechanic is running a scam, John would be wise to heed the warning and get a second opinion. Find out why, right here. 

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what pattern should be used to rotate tires
Nov 08, 2012

There's More Than One Way to Rotate a Tire

Dear Car Talk

Eddie's tires are wearing out unevenly and he wants to know why. Trouble is, the two different tire shops he asked gave him two different answers. Can Tom and Ray set the record straight?

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do i need to rotate tires when they aren't new
Sep 27, 2012

Today: Dorothy Vs. Husband in Tire Balancing Act

Dear Car Talk

Dorothy wants Tom and Ray to settle a marital dispute. She thinks tires should be balanced and rotated; he thinks rotating is enough. Who's right?

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Honda CRV from wheels fall off
Mar 01, 2011

Today: is losing a wheel a common problem on Honda CR-V's?

Dear Car Talk

I have a '97 Honda CR-V that has a persistent problem: The front wheels keep falling off. First the left front wheel fell off while turning left at an intersection. Then the right one fell off while traveling 50 mph on...


how could wheel bolts break off a car
Jun 01, 2010

Just why did Judy's wheel fall off her Volvo?

Dear Car Talk

Two weeks ago while traveling down a city street, my car, a Volvo S80, suddenly swerved and almost flew into a lamppost. A man driving behind me said he saw the right front wheel come off just before the car...

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What are lead wheel weights
Feb 01, 2010

Today: Click and Clack weigh in on lead weights.

Dear Car Talk

It turns out that lead wheel weights are the biggest source of lead in California's waterways. There is a bill that would ban them in favor of safer alternatives, especially stainless steel. My question is, Exactly what do wheel weights...


Dec 01, 2009

Locking lug nuts: more trouble than they're worth?

Dear Car Talk

Recently, we had our 2005 Toyota RAV4 taken in for its regularly scheduled maintenance, which included rotating the tires. Each tire has a locking lug nut, and when I picked up the car, my mechanic told me that one of the...

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Oct 01, 2008

So, just why did the wheel fall off of John's Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Dear Car Talk

Something interesting happened to me today. I was on my way to work, and the right front wheel fell off my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I want to know why it fell off. All five of the studs were sheared...