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Dec 01, 1996

Your alternator might be causing your brake light to flicker.

Dear Car Talk

Datsun B Two or three months ago I noticed that the dashboard brake light was flickering as if it were a turn indicator while I was stopped at a red light I immediately drove to my trustworthy mechanic They decided...

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Apr 01, 1996

Is there a warning for when your brakes are about to fail?

Dear Car Talk

Please help You fellows are a dear to us single females who own cars What does a driver do when her brakes fail This happened to me and it was a hellish experience believe me I had a Dodge Dart...

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Dec 01, 1995

99% chance that your Suburu's "Check Engine Light" is on because of a bad solenoid.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Subaru GL station wagon with miles There is not a dealer around and local mechanics can't answer this question After about minutes of operation the ECS light comes on I assume this indicates a scheduled adjustment or...

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Mar 01, 1995

Any chance a bad thermostat could cause my check-engine-light to come on?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Aerostar with miles on it I have two problems Problem When I put on the brakes my oil light comes on and my oil needle drops all the way down like I don't have any oil...

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Mar 01, 1995

Is a "service engine" light the same as a "check engine" light?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Saturn SL with miles on it It's a wonderful car that has very few problems but I do have one concern Periodically my Service Engine Soon light comes on stays a while and blinks off My oil...

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Jun 01, 1994

I have a Acura Legend with Anti lock brakes ABS...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Acura Legend with Anti lock brakes ABS Last summer when I was cut off on the Jersey Turnpike I really had to hit my brakes hard Shortly thereafter my ABS warning light would intermittently flash and not...

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Mar 01, 1994

I bought a new Volvo GLT and really love it...

Dear Car Talk

I bought a new Volvo GLT and really love it At just over miles the oil level warning light came on I checked the oil level and it wasn't down to the add mark I called the dealer and he...

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May 01, 1993

Where does the term "idiot lights" come from?

Dear Car Talk

Please settle some confusion My husband says the term idiot light comes from the fact that the car is an idiot and cannot comprehend why the light is lit I say it's because people are idiots and have no idea...

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Sep 01, 1992

Is this Corolla's warning lights letting Tim know he's about to be able to roast marshmallows under his dash?

Dear Car Talk

My Toyota Corolla has a problem Every once in a while ALL the dashboard warning lights click on and off Sometimes they stay on and other times they just flash once and then nothing for weeks I don't notice any...

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Apr 01, 1992

Buy a crash helmet.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mercury Topaz About a month ago the brake light came on while I was driving When I slowed down for a stop light it would go out Then when I got underway again it would come back...

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