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Jul 01, 2008

How long can you drive, once the gas light has come on?

Dear Car Talk

My husband freaks out if the gas light ever comes on (it only happens once in a blue moon). I tell him you can drive around 50 miles after the light comes on. He doesn't believe me. Since we don't want...

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May 01, 2008

Today: Do you know the reset procedures for your car's maintenance lights?

Dear Car Talk

I have an '07 Chevy Cobalt. I like the car, especially because it's red and has a spoiler. But it has an annoying feature. It has a computer that tells you various things, like your gas mileage, temperature, coolant level...

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help for my old car that is perfect except for the broken seat belt sensor
Sep 01, 2007

Can Tom and Ray save Jane from the creeping insanity, brought on by the incessantly-beeping seat belt warning alarm?

Dear Car Talk

You guys are great, and my 6-year-old loves you, too. Please help me stay sane! I have a 14-year-old Honda Civic that runs great, even with 174,000 miles. My only problem is that the seat-belt warning light flashes and the warning...

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how often do oil-change garages forget to add new oil
Feb 01, 2004

You should always watch for warning lights on your dash, but moreso after you've visited a "Skippy Lube".

Dear Car Talk

I have a nice Ford Focus which has never given me trouble It is my first car so I have tried hard to take good care of it I follow the manual and take it to a quickie oil-change place...

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why is my coolant light always on if my levels are fine
Jul 01, 2003

My warning light for low coolant comes on all the time, even when the engine is cool and the radiator is full.

Dear Car Talk

I think I have a problem with my Ford Escape My coolant-level light usually stays on whether the engine is cool or has been running for a while The level in the overflow tank is at the maximum line all...

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Mar 01, 2001

Is the ABS warning light on my dash urgent?

Dear Car Talk

I'm a -year-old-plus widow who needs your help I'm much better at being a grandmother than I am at figuring out the new features of my car I have a Mercury Grand Marquis LS It's a wonderful car and has...

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Jan 01, 2001

Turn the heat ON if a car is overheating...what?!?

Dear Car Talk

I'm years old and live in Texas I recently finished driver's education and I could have sworn I heard my driver's ed teacher say that when your car overheats you should turn on the heater My parents disagree Am I...

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Jan 01, 2001

Is it a big deal when the ABS light on my dash lights up?

Dear Car Talk

The yellow ABS Antilock Braking System light on my Honda Accord's dashboard is on I took it to my mechanic and asked him to check it out He told me it's going to be a big deal to find the...

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Jan 01, 2001

Is it always bad news when your oil light comes on?

Dear Car Talk

Is it always bad news when your oil light comes on I have a Audi and when the rpm goes above the oil light comes on along with a buzzer I'm scared to take it to a mechanic for fear...

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Jul 01, 1999

When those ABS warning lights come on, get thee to a dealership. Fast!

Dear Car Talk

I drive a ' Honda Accord EX I've owned the car since it was new and have had virtually no mechanical problems But recently the car started doing something I can't figure out Periodically the ABS light will come on...

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