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Jan 01, 1995

$900 for replacing the timing belt and some valves -- this a rip-off?

Dear Car Talk

My daughter has a Renault hatchback with miles It stopped running due to a broken timing belt But the repair cost because they said the valves were damaged Can an engine design be that bad or was this a repair...

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Dec 01, 1994

We drive a Dodge Caravan with a liter V engine...

Dear Car Talk

We drive a Dodge Caravan with a liter V engine Two months ago the oil light came on as we pulled into a gas station We had just driven miles on the interstate in below zero weather and were stopping...

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Mar 01, 1993

Making lemonade out of a lemon.

Dear Car Talk

I'm a real troubled man I have a lemon and an angry wife I just bought a used ' Dodge Caravan liter with automatic transmission for my wife and twin boys My wife noticed that the engine often stalls in...

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Dec 01, 1992

Three valve cover gaskets in three years. What's going on?

Dear Car Talk

I have replaced three valve cover gaskets on my Plymouth Caravelle in the last three years After miles or so oil starts to leak onto the motor and onto the ground Is there a fire hazard I should be worrying...

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Jun 01, 1992

How often to my Honda's valves REALLY need to be changed?

Dear Car Talk

We own a Honda Prelude In the owners' manual it is recommended that the valves be adjusted every miles Do you think this hun dred dollar expense is really necessary so often The car is driven to and from work...

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Mar 01, 1992

Is it OK to drive a car without the camshaft?

Dear Car Talk

I have an ' Buick Somerset Regal and I was told that my camshaft has to be replaced at a cost of Is it OK to drive the car without replacing the camshaft or is it dangerous That's a lot...


Aug 01, 1991

Those troublesome carbon deposits...

Dear Car Talk

I was listening to your radio show a few weeks ago and I heard you advise a woman from Nashville who was having trouble with carbon deposits on the valves of her Camry I own a Camry and have had...

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Jul 01, 1991

What is a "valve lash adjustment"?

Dear Car Talk

In my several years of listening to your radio show and reading your column I have never seen you address a mysterious item that keeps appearing on Chrysler's Scheduled Maintenance Service Bulletins for my Dodge Colt It says check valve...


Jul 01, 1991

Not even Gucci spark plugs will help...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Cadillac with a engine and one weak valve A compression test showed that one of my cylinders has only psi Until I can afford to have it fixed are there any quick fixes Home remedies Recommendations Suggestions...