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Oct 01, 2002

Do multivalve engines have any real advantages for the average motorist?

Dear Car Talk

Do multivalve engines have real advantages for average motorists Many years ago I enjoyed reading Smokey Yunick's articles in Popular Science In an article on engines Smokey said that there is no advantage to most drivers He said that multivalve...


Nov 01, 2001

If noise is coming from my engine's valve lifters is my car doomed?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse and about two months ago I noticed a ticking noise coming from underneath the hood I took it in to a mechanic and he said my valve lifters were going out and I needed to...

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Aug 01, 2000

I'm the original owner of a ' Nissan Sentra with...

Dear Car Talk

I'm the original owner of a ' Nissan Sentra with miles on it It came equipped with the -liter engine that has thus far been outstanding except for its lack of power I am a private investigator and spend approximately...

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Mar 01, 1998

Camry's are notorious for carbon build-up on their valve stems as they age.

Dear Car Talk

We own a Toyota Camry four-cylinder with a stick shift and miles Whenever we attempt to pass another vehicle particularly on a hill or a curve we lose power and have to relinquish our position and glide sheepishly over to...

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Mar 01, 1998

What is causing this spark plug to keep getting fouled with oil?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Honda Civic wagon Over the last few years I've had the valves and rings replaced oil seals replaced head checked for cracks and maybe more I can't remember But the same problem keeps popping up The number...

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Feb 01, 1998

It's usually a good idea to make the repairs that cause your "Check Engine Light" to come on.

Dear Car Talk

I was traveling along the highway in my Pontiac Transport Suddenly the Service Engine Soon light came on I drove about minutes to the next exit turned off the engine and waited After a while I turned the engine back...

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Jan 01, 1998

That power failure might be a classic problem with vintage Toyotas -- carbon buildup on the valves.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Camry with miles on it It has been well-cared-for and seems to be in good shape However a couple of weeks ago the motor died out on me while I was driving down the highway The...

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Apr 01, 1997

What is a PCV valve, and does it really need to be changed so often?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Camaro with miles Last week when I went in for an oil change the technician told me I needed to replace my PCV valve He said GM recommends replacing this valve every - miles Since mine...


Feb 01, 1997

What could cause an engine to turn rough after about an hour of highway driving?

Dear Car Talk

Help My wife drives an ' Nissan Sentra station wagon one of the few cars available she can comfortably see over the hood of with the aid of a pillow This car does not have a powerhouse of an engine...

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Jan 01, 1996

How often does my Honda Civic need a valve adjustment?

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased an ' Honda Civic One issue of The Consumer Guide Used Car Book says valves must be adjusted every miles to prevent engine woes Later issues of the book do not mention this What is your opinion...

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