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Dec 01, 2001

Turn signal isn't working until the car warms up.

Dear Car Talk

We recently bought a used Toyota Avalon which we love but we are concerned about one minor problem When you first start the car and for about the first five minutes of driving the turn signal will not work at...

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Nov 01, 2000

Yeah, repairing your high-beams is probably going to be costly.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Pontiac Grand Am Only my low-beam headlights work When I try to turn on the high beams the lights go out and my turn signals and hazard lights go out too Some time ago I took the...

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May 01, 1998

What can I do to be alerted that my turn signals are still on, short of getting a hearing aid (not an option)?

Dear Car Talk

Do you know of any device that would alert someone that the directional lights are still blinking I have a hearing deficit please don't suggest a hearing aid and I know the blinking is annoying and perhaps dangerous to other...

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Nov 01, 1997

What would be a fair amount to pay to fix a turn signal?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Buick Century Recently the left directional flasher went out i e stopped flashing The local service-station mechanic didn't have a clue He said about an hour's labor plus parts I took it to another station and was...

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May 01, 1995

Was this turn signal's miraculous recovery down to patience?

Dear Car Talk

Have you ever had to re-teach a car to do something it forgot how to do Surprisingly enough it happened to me and all it required was time and patience I have a El Camino with miles About a month...

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Jan 01, 1994

My husband gets very upset with me if when changing...

Dear Car Talk

My husband gets very upset with me if when changing lanes I pull the turn indicator lever into the full on position necessitating manually turning it to the off position after the lane change He says this severely damages the...

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Nov 01, 1992

Ideas for those who have a hard time hearing their turn signals.

Dear Car Talk

I'm having some problems with being somewhat hard of hearing My wife constantly has to tell me to turn off my turn signal I don't seem to be able to hear the flasher and with a tilt steering wheel I...

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Aug 01, 1991

How many chumps does it take to find a faulty lightbulb?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Olds Cutlass Cruiser station wagon The problem is when I go to town about five miles away the turn signals on my dashboard work fine But on my way back the right turn signal will light up...

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Dec 01, 1989

What do I do about my outta-control lights?

Dear Car Talk

We own a Mazda GLC The right emergency flasher only works if we also flip on the right turn signal After a few minutes we can flip off the right turn signal and both flashers stay on Also when the...

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