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Oct 01, 1992

Does that whiny noise mean my engine is dying...or just the turbo charger?

Dear Car Talk

My engine sounds like a siren when I accelerate It disappears after a short time but happens each time I start and stop I have a Chrysler LeBaron with a turbo engine When I took it to the dealer to...

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Oct 01, 1991

How to purchase an after maker turbo charger...

Dear Car Talk

My family just purchased a Volvo diesel station wagon with a liter six cylinder engine We couldn't help but immediately notice it's severe lack of power For the model year Volvo introduced a turbo charger for the same engine we...

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Jan 01, 1990

Thoughts on the supercharged engine...

Dear Car Talk

I read your comments on the decreased longevity of turbo-charged engines You said that these particular engines don't last as long as their non-turbo counterparts What are your general feelings about the supercharged V- engine that is now being sold...

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Aug 01, 1989

How long should you let your turbo engine idle before turning it off?

Dear Car Talk

We have a Peugeot Turbo Wagon We love the comfortable ride and the nice features However after only miles the turbo burned out Thankfully it was under warranty but the dealer tried to blame us by saying that we didn't...

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Jan 01, 1989

The ol' Linebacker tackle experiment

Dear Car Talk

I drive a Dodge Shadow with a liter turbocharged engine and standard transmission I would like to know the best way to drive the car to maintain the engine Is using the turbo charger bad for the engine Richard RAY...