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Honda CR-V Touring
Dec 26, 2017

Honda Turbo Owner Told to Cool Her Jets

Dear Car Talk

The moral of this story: Salesmen don't always know squat about cars.

turbo oil Honda CR-V 2017

are today's engines really more powerful than the big engines of yesteryear
Jun 28, 2016

Newer Engines Are Packing More Ponies

Dear Car Talk

Gary asks a great question: are today's engines producing more power per liter, or have horsepower ratings changed? Ray explains how even the most mundane modern cars produce impressive power.

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Dec 01, 1998

What is a turbocharger...and is it an asset or a liability?

Dear Car Talk

I'd like to know something about turbochargers on cars Specifically what is a turbocharger What does it do and how does it do it Finally is it an asset or a liability on a used car -- Peter RAY Good...


Dec 01, 1993

Turbo engines explained.

Dear Car Talk

You guys are really funny I enjoy your column Can you explain to me how a turbo engine works Andy RAY Sure Andy Here's the basic idea An engine needs air in order to run And on a normal engine...


Nov 01, 1993

Idling is necessary to preserve a turbo-charger.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Volvo sedan It's equipped with a turbo charger to boost the power of the four cylinder engine The owner's manual says that the engine should be allowed to idle at least two minutes before shut-off The problems...

turbo idling

Sep 01, 1993

Idling turbo-charged engines: a necessary evil?

Dear Car Talk

I recently read an advertisement for a product called a Turbo Timer that leaves the engine running at idle for up to ten minutes after you park the car and remove the keys The ad claimed that this would stabilize...

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Dec 01, 1992

Why would towing something with my turbocharged Dodge Caravan void its warranty?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Dodge Caravan with a four cylinder turbocharged engine I read in the owner s manual that the warranty is void if you tow using a turbocharged engine Why is the warranty voided John RAY Because it is...

turbo towing warranties

Oct 01, 1992

Does that whiny noise mean my engine is dying...or just the turbo charger?

Dear Car Talk

My engine sounds like a siren when I accelerate It disappears after a short time but happens each time I start and stop I have a Chrysler LeBaron with a turbo engine When I took it to the dealer to...

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Oct 01, 1991

How to purchase an after maker turbo charger...

Dear Car Talk

My family just purchased a Volvo diesel station wagon with a liter six cylinder engine We couldn't help but immediately notice it's severe lack of power For the model year Volvo introduced a turbo charger for the same engine we...

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Jan 01, 1990

Thoughts on the supercharged engine...

Dear Car Talk

I read your comments on the decreased longevity of turbo-charged engines You said that these particular engines don't last as long as their non-turbo counterparts What are your general feelings about the supercharged V- engine that is now being sold...

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