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Why aren't pickups front-wheel-drive
Dec 01, 2011

Are we ever going to see front-wheel-drive pickups?

Dear Car Talk

Rick wants to know where the alternatives to expensive four-wheel-drive pickups are hiding. Aren't they easier to handle on slippery roads?

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Nov 01, 2009

Can Judy haul loads of gravel in her '74 Ford F-100?

Dear Car Talk

My husband inherited a 1974 Ford F-100 from his dad, and I would like to use it to pick up a load of rocks for landscaping. My husband says it can't handle this, and so I ask the question: Can the...

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is there an environmentally friendly car that is good for hauling stuff and people
Aug 01, 2004

Sometimes people are justified in getting a less environmentally friendly vehicle (truck).

Dear Car Talk

My brother Gary is years old and recently divorced with a -year-old daughter and a significant other with multiple children They all live in Great Falls Mont He works for a newspaper and recently won an award from the Wilderness...

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best truck to use for plowing snow
Apr 01, 2004

Beater trucks for plowing the driveway: '70 Land Cruiser or '84 F-150

Dear Car Talk

I recently moved from Boston to the foothills in Colorado thinking I would be out of range of Car Talk No such luck Wouldn't you know your radio show and column both run here Anyway I live in the mountains...

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Jun 01, 2002

If you put sandbags or other heavy objects in the bed of your truck, make sure they're SECURE!

Dear Car Talk

I want to comment on a column you recently wrote about putting sandbags in the back of a pickup truck Where I live in upstate New York I've seen sandbags added to the beds of pickup trucks in winter --...

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Feb 01, 2002

What's your take on sandbags in the beds of pickups to improve handling and stability?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Ford Ranger regular-cab truck My folks who own an earlier-model Ranger tell me that my truck will drive better if I put a sandbag or two in the bed to add weight They say it helps prevent...


Aug 01, 2001

Straightening out what the pickup truck numbers (150, 350, etc) mean for cargo capacities.

Dear Car Talk

You guys goofed Your article on the cargo capacities of pickup trucks was completely wrong A truck designated an F means the truck is rated for a half-ton of payload not one and a half tons of payload as you...


Jul 01, 2001

Why is a pickup truck called a one-and-a-half-ton pickup?

Dear Car Talk

Why is a pickup truck called a one-and-a-half-ton pickup -- Nadeen TOM Great question Nadeen RAY A lot of people are confused by this When a pickup truck is said to be a one-and-a-half-ton pickup that means its payload capacity...


Nov 01, 2000

Is my pickup fit for snow driving?

Dear Car Talk

I live in Florida and I am planning to visit a friend in Minnesota for the holidays I understand it tends to snow there I have a -by- pickup with Bubba tires big and fat which I figured would be...

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Nov 01, 1999

Please tell me that this is America and I still have a right to keep my rusty old heap of a pickup truck!

Dear Car Talk

What should I do Everyone except my wife keeps telling me to replace my truck It's a Ford F- XLT Lariat with a towing package captain's chairs and an extended cab Some rust is showing in the expected spots and...