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Mar 04, 2016

Tire Pressure: Will We Soon Set It and Forget It?

Jim Motavalli

Michelin is coming out with Auto Inflate, which will maintain the correct pressure as the tire turns. Right now it's only for heavy-duty trucks, but that's likely to change soon.

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Correct tire pressure
Feb 23, 2016

Father vs. Son: Who's Right About Tire Pressure?

Dear Car Talk

Larry thinks 50 psi is too full for a tire; his son says he prefers the ride that way. Who's right?


Could tires be filled with CO2 as an eco alternative
Feb 02, 2016

Brilliant or Bogus: Warren's CO2 Idea

Dear Car Talk

Could this be the fix for global warming? Car Talk does the math on Warren's idea to sequester excess carbon dioxide inside vehicle tires.

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Can repairing a tire damamge the tire sensor
Jan 28, 2016

Today: Did Phil's Mechanic Break the Tire Sensor?

Dear Car Talk

Phil's mechanic noticed that his tire sensor was cracked, but Phil decided not to repair it since it was still working fine. Two days later it was broken. Is his mechanic responsible, or is it true that "the stingy man pays the most?"

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Do garage ramps wear out tires unevenly
Sep 15, 2015

Today: Will Daily Garage Ramp Driving Wear Tires Unevenly?

Dear Car Talk

From the Department of Theoretical Automotive Physics, Rodney wonders if all the right turns he makes on his daily drive to the fifth floor of his work's parking garage will cause his tires to wear unevenly. Car Talk's answer here.


Lifespan of a spare tire last
Jun 11, 2015

What's the Lifespan of a Spare Tire?

Dear Car Talk

Gordon wants to put a bike rack on his 14 year old RAV-4, but he'd have to remove the tire cover to do so. Will this impact the life of his spare? Car Talk's advice, right here.


What are nitrogen-filled tires
Dec 23, 2014

What's the Deal With Nitrogen-Filled Tires?

Dear Car Talk

Clem bought a Subaru Outback with nitrogen-filled tires and now she's wondering what to do if she gets a flat in the middle of nowhere and the nearest shop just has regular air. What's the real story with nitrogen-filled tires? Car Talk's take right here.  


Tools for mounting tires
Aug 12, 2014

Today: The Right Tool for Mounting Tires?

Dear Car Talk

David goes through a lot of tires, so he mounts them himself using a lug wrench. He's ready to upgrade to the right tools, if the right tools are $50 or less. Tom and Ray say $50 isn't going to get him what he needs. Find out what's involved in mounting a tire, right here. 

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Lincoln Navigators using bigger tires
Jul 17, 2014

The Incredible Shrinking Sidewalls

Dear Car Talk

Arlon has driven Lincoln Navigators for years and he has noticed a trend: The wheels are getting bigger and the sidewalls are getting smaller. Since this makes the ride worse, he wants to know what gives. Tom and Ray explain why you can get away with this on a Navigator, but shouldn't risk it with a smaller car.


Where to put the jack for a tire change
Apr 29, 2014

Tire Shop vs. Owner's Manual: Which is Right?

Dear Car Talk

Mike's owner's manual for his Ford F-150 specifically says not to jack up the truck by its rear differential when changing a tire. But when Mike took the truck in to the tire shop, that's exactly what the guys did. Find out why Tom and Ray say the shop is allowed to ignore the owner's manual here.