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Dec 01, 1999

The only time you don't have to replace your timing belt is...when your car doesn't have one.

Dear Car Talk

A few months ago you had an article in your column about replacing timing belts on Nissans after miles Since I have a ' Nissan Sentra XE that has miles I decided to get mine replaced so I wouldn't get...

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Apr 01, 1999

Why the switch from timing chains to timing belts?

Dear Car Talk

I'm old enough to remember when cars had steel timing chains instead of rubber timing belts Finding a broken timing chain was as rare as finding a chicken with teeth My question is Why did manufacturers switch over to timing...

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Apr 01, 1998

Does getting oil on my timing belt mean it has to be changed?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Honda Accord with miles on it Last week when it was in for a valve adjustment it was discovered that the cam shaft oil seal was leaking Oil has gotten all over the timing belt The mechanic...

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Apr 01, 1998

Timing belt maintenance isn't included in your Stanza's owner's manual...but you should still change it.

Dear Car Talk

I have an ' Nissan Stanza with about miles on it It has been a wonderful car and I've taken good care of it Recently I went in for new tires and the Goodyear store took me for a ride...

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Apr 01, 1997

I have yet to talk to anyone who has replaced a timing belt as preventive maintenance. Why should I do it?

Dear Car Talk

I need your advice I have a Nissan Maxima with miles The dealer tells me I'm driving on borrowed time by not having the timing belt changed The guys at my office think I'm nuts for even considering such a...

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Mar 01, 1997

How do we know when to change a timing belt (or chain) when we can't see into the enging to look at it?

Dear Car Talk

We've been told that after so many miles the timing belt or timing chain should be changed or dire consequences will result Since we can't see inside the engine how do we know when to make this change I have...

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Sep 01, 1996

Is all the hype about changing a timing belt at 60k miles just that? Hype?

Dear Car Talk

My Toyota dealer keeps sending advertisements warning me of the dire consequences that may befall me if I do not change my timing belt at miles Do I really need to replace the timing belt on my Corolla which now...

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May 01, 1996

Separating fact from fiction regarding timing belt changes.

Dear Car Talk

Thanks for your irreverent and uplifting oily and greasy advice My question is one of timing Timing belts that is I have an Acura Legend four-door midnight blue with miles I have received three different opinions about changing the timing...

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Feb 01, 1996

Replacing the water pump while changing a timing belt -- good idea or waste of money?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Honda Prelude The owner's manual recommends changing the timing belt at miles I took it to a repairman for an estimate and he also recommended that I change the water pump He said water pumps only last...

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Jan 01, 1995

$900 for replacing the timing belt and some valves -- this a rip-off?

Dear Car Talk

My daughter has a Renault hatchback with miles It stopped running due to a broken timing belt But the repair cost because they said the valves were damaged Can an engine design be that bad or was this a repair...

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