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Worn out writing on timing belt
Aug 01, 2011

Today: Jim gets a new timing belt - and smells a rat!

Dear Car Talk

About a year ago I had the timing belt replaced on my Subaru Outback Then last week I had the head gasket replaced at a different shop When they replaced the head gasket they looked at my timing belt and...

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Should I replace the timing belt before it fails
Jan 01, 2011

Sometimes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" ain't such a good idea.

Dear Car Talk

Our 2001 Subaru Forester (93,000 miles, we're the only owner) has been an excellent, essentially maintenance-free vehicle. Recently, when a front axle was replaced for a torn CV joint boot, the garage owner recommended a pre-emptive replacement of the timing belt. He...

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why do i need a new timing belt
Jul 01, 2010

Does Bill's Subaru really need a new timing belt?

Dear Car Talk

A few months ago, our local Subaru dealership determined that our Impreza needed a new engine, and that it would be covered by the factory warranty. Since the engine was replaced, we've put 7,000 more miles on the car. Now they...

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Mar 01, 2009

Is a timing belt a DIY job? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

I have a 2002 Hyundai Elantra with 97,000 miles. During the state inspection this week, the mechanic told me that I will soon need to replace my timing chain. He also said that the hose running from the pump housing to the...

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Dec 01, 2008

Will Vicky's Volvo self-destruct if she doesn't shell out $600?

Dear Car Talk

You guys always make me laugh And now I'm desperate for some car advice I can trust I have a ' Volvo V with miles A mechanic just told me I'm on borrowed time as I have not changed the...

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is replacing a timing belt a safe project for an amateur
Nov 01, 2006

Should Charmaine buy a bus pass-- now that her boyfriend wants to try changing the timing belt on her '90 Toyota Camry?

Dear Car Talk

My wonderful boyfriend has recently discovered that he enjoys working on our vehicles, and it has become his new money-saving hobby. He has always changed the oil (though a lot of it always ended up on the driveway), and he...

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should i replace my timing belt at 60k miles or should i wait till it starts to wear out
Sep 01, 2004

Should I replace my Toyota's timing belt at 60k miles, even if the owner's maunal doesn't recommend it?

Dear Car Talk

You recently told another reader to replace her Toyota's timing belt at miles The owner's manual for my Toyota Cressida with miles on it does not require replacement under normal service but when you call Toyota's number they inform you...

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Sep 01, 2001

True or false: Your entire engine could blow if you don't change your timing belt.

Dear Car Talk

My wife drives our Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme which has only miles of easy driving on it The car is loaded and is in mint condition It has the -liter twin dual-cam V engine Recently we were advised by our local...

timing belts maintenance

Jul 01, 2001

Is it possible to blow a main seal while changing a timing belt?

Dear Car Talk

Is my mechanic a crook I had the timing belt replaced on my Mitsubishi Eclipse The morning after I drove it home from the mechanic I noticed oil pouring out of the car It turns out that the rear main...

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May 01, 2000

What should I do if I don't know when my timing belt was last changed?

Dear Car Talk

You've often mentioned that timing belts should be replaced before they break because on some cars engine damage can be severe I own a Honda Accord LXi Due to a divorce I've lost some of my service records and I...

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