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Mar 01, 1997

My Mazda's accelerator pedal sticks in cold weather.

Dear Car Talk

My Mazda now has miles on it When the engine is cold no matter what the outside temperature the accelerator pedal sticks until I stomp on it -- with a certain amount of force -- after the engine is running...


Feb 01, 1997

What could cause an engine to turn rough after about an hour of highway driving?

Dear Car Talk

Help My wife drives an ' Nissan Sentra station wagon one of the few cars available she can comfortably see over the hood of with the aid of a pillow This car does not have a powerhouse of an engine...

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Jan 01, 1997

My Chrysler wagon "runs on" after I turn it off. What's going on?

Dear Car Talk

I have a problem with my Chrysler station wagon It will run on after I turn it off And on the road it will continue to go fast even with my foot off the gas Can you give me any...

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Jan 01, 1994

A few days ago I was driving home in rush-hour...

Dear Car Talk

A few days ago I was driving home in rush-hour traffic heading down into a nearby canyon when my previously reliable Olds Delta suddenly roared and the engine started racing It speeded off on its own free will carrying me...

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