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Speeding up the Heat on a Chilly Morning
May 24, 2018

Speeding up the Heat on a Chilly Morning

Dear Car Talk

There's no shortcut 'switch' for getting the engine to warm up faster.

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should i ignore the thermostat in my buick
Dec 13, 2016

This LeSabre Owner Is Looking for LeSolution to Overheating

Dear Car Talk

Thomas has an overheating Buick that has stumped several mechanics. Could the culprit be something simple?

overheating thermostats Buick LeSabre 2005

is a mismatched thermostat the reason the motor doesn't warm up
Dec 06, 2016

Why Is Mike's Ranger Not Warming up Properly?

Dear Car Talk

Mike's '92 Ford Ranger needed a thermostat, so the parts guy sold him one from a '75 Ford Pinto. It fits, but is it the reason the truck still won't warm up?

thermostats Ford Ranger 1992

Jeep Grand Cherokee temperature gague is low
Oct 01, 2015

What's Causing Car to Stay Cool?

Dear Car Talk

Catherine's 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee appears to be running cold. What does Car Talk suggest? Find out here.

thermostats Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004

why does my car start getting cold once my engine gets warmed up
Jul 01, 2004

A faulty thermostat is to blame for your freezing car.

Dear Car Talk

I'm having a problem that just started recently When I start the car it takes a while for the engine to warm up If I sit there eventually the temperature gauge will go up to normal But once I start...


is 210 degrees high enough above 195 degrees to worry about overheating in my car
Jul 01, 2004

My thermostat reads 210 degrees on warm days. Should I be worried?

Dear Car Talk

I'm part of the male population that in the past you have politely referred to as anal-retentive when it comes to car care I'm getting better though Thanks to your sage counseling I no longer shake the car to make...

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Jul 01, 2000

Could this Toyota engine with almost 70k miles be on its last legs?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Corolla wagon with about miles I have had all the major scheduled maintenance done by my Toyota dealer and have had the oil changed every miles Until last fall it would get - miles per gallon...

thermostats engines Toyota

Aug 01, 1999

What to do when a car overheats?

Dear Car Talk

Perhaps you can settle a discussion that my son and I had recently When his car overheated I suggested that he add water to his radiator since the level was low and he needed to keep driving He insisted that...

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Jun 01, 1999

Sudden drop in gas mileage on your Ford Ranger? Check the thermostat.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Ranger with a liter engine and a five-speed manual transmission I used to get between and miles to the gallon However in the space of less than a month the mileage has dropped to between and...

thermostats fuel economy Ford Ranger

Mar 01, 1999

Before replacing your heater core again, check your thermostat.

Dear Car Talk

I have a four-cylinder Ford Mustang Recently I noticed the unmistakable smell of coolant inside the car and realized my heater core was leaking Having already replaced it once and being short of cash I merely disconnected the hoses running...