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Nov 01, 2009

Can Tom and Ray help Emily dump her beater '92 Volvo?

Dear Car Talk

About a year and a half ago, my dad bought a white '92 Volvo station wagon off Craigslist for $500. I'm turning 16 next spring, and he expects it to be my car. He thinks it's fantastic because it was so cheap...


Aug 01, 2007

Today: Maya gets a few tips for learning how to drive stick.

Dear Car Talk

My mom is teaching me how to drive her 2001 Honda Accord. It has a standard transmission. Actually, all the cars in our family have standard transmissions, so I am pretty much doomed to learn how to drive (I'm nearly 16) on...

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Feb 01, 2007

Today: please place your seat back in the fully upright position!

Dear Car Talk

Please print this to save my daughter's (and other learners') lives. She drives with the back of her seat positioned so far back that she's almost lying down. She insists that because she leans forward, she is in total control...

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should i withhold the good-driving bonus i promised my son even though they only had one slip-up
Sep 01, 2006

Is Ted a jerk or a genius? Today: Tm and Ray offer a few parenting tips.

Dear Car Talk

Am I a jerk or a genius? My son is now 18, and when he was 15, I wrote him a check for $1,500, postdated three years. I told him that if he managed to reach the date of the check without (1) receiving...

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what is a fair amount of money to give my kids as a car allowance
Nov 01, 2004

Car Recommendations for College-Aged Twins

Dear Car Talk

Tom and Ray counsel parents who have offered to buy cars for thier college-aged twins. The criteria: safe, reliable and not nicer than what the parents drive.

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is it possible to completely ruin the clutch of a new car in the first 70 miles
May 01, 2004

New clutch after only 68 miles -- a new world record?

Dear Car Talk

Hi guys I just bought a cool new five-speed turbo VW Bug convertible I bought it last Wednesday Happy birthday to me Saturday I took my daughter out to teach her how to drive a stick After minutes of driving...

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any advice for a teenager with 4,000 dollars to spend on a first car
Jun 01, 2003

Recommendations for a teen buying her first car.

Dear Car Talk

I am a -year-old high-school sophomore and I'm in need of some serious car advice For about a year now I've had a job working at the local library for minimum wage I've saved up a thousand dollars and I...

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is a big heavy old car safer than a new one with safety features
Feb 01, 2003

Please tell me that a '60 Ford Mustang is the right car for my son.

Dear Car Talk

Our family is engaged in the What car should we get for our teenage son negotiations We are stumped as to whether it would be better to get a new used car with air bags and other safety devices or...

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Nov 01, 2002

Recommendations for an accident averse teen who's buying her first car.

Dear Car Talk

I am a -year-old high-school student who is car shopping I had convinced myself that I wanted a small SUV like a Honda CR-V or a Toyota RAV But then I started considering the likelihood of a rollover and I've...

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Aug 01, 2001

Is a Vespa a viable antidote to my teenager's sullen attitude?

Dear Car Talk

I am a public-school teacher in the Commonwealth of Virginia I make tons of money and am therefore able to send our -year-old son to the prestigious Milton Academy prep school where he is learning to be a true liberal...

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