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Convincing a teen to start driving
Jun 17, 2014

Teenage Daughter Won't Drive

Dear Car Talk

Lari's daughter is 19 but still has not gotten her driver's license. Tom and Ray say there are two schools of thought on motivating reluctant teens, the "Not My Problem" or the "Actual Parenting" schools. Who do you agree with?


teen driving selfie
Jan 16, 2014

Brace Yourself: Teen Driving Habits Get Worse over Time

Guest Bloggers

A new study finds brand-new drivers are great at paying attention to the road...for the first few months, anyway.

distracted driving teens

Plymouth Belvedere
Aug 09, 2013

Old Cars and iPads

Guest Bloggers

What did driving mean to you when you were 16 years old? Probably something different from what it means to today's teens...


borrowing dad's car
Jun 14, 2013

Happy Impatient, Not-Stupid Fathers Day

Tom Bodett

It takes a teenager -- and his idiot buddies -- to fully exploit the mechanical weaknesses of the 1970 Bonneville Grand Safari wagon.

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is a 15-year-old jeep wrangler safe for a new driver
Apr 03, 2013

Today: Best Car for a 16 Year Old Boy?

Dear Car Talk

16-year-old Alec is looking for his first car, so wrote to Tom and Ray hoping for guidance. What did he get instead? Dating advice. Are Tom and Ray qualified to weigh in on either of these subjects? Read and let us know what you think.

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parents teaching teens to drive
Aug 05, 2012

How's My Driving? Call Dad with Your Compliments

Tom Bodett

The trials and tribulations of teaching a teen to drive. Tom Bodett tells the tale.


does speeding shorten the lifespan of a car
Jun 26, 2012

Today: Can Richard Make His Son Slow Down?

Dear Car Talk

Richard's son drives too fast. With speeding tickets, fast starts and sudden braking, Richard is worried that he may be doing permanent damage to the car. Tom and Ray agree, but will they help him out? After all, they need customers like Richard's son--how else could mechanics make their boat payments each month? 

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can i cook a quesadilla on an engine block
Apr 26, 2012

Creative Ideas for Feeding Your Teenage Boy

Dear Car Talk

This mom is spending a fortune keeping her hugnry teenage son in after-school snacks. She wants Tom and Ray's opinion on a car-cuisine idea that's so crazy it just might work.


texting and driving
May 03, 2011

Why We Are Stuck in the '70s and Why That Isn't So Bad

Guest Bloggers

Ask a younger driver which is worse:  A crash from someone texting, or a crash from someone drinking?

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how can i prevent texting or talking on the phone in my car
Jul 01, 2010

Today: Phone apps that keep your kid from driving and dialing.

Dear Car Talk

A few weeks ago, we answered a question from Blair, the mother of a 16-year-old girl, who wanted to find a device that would help her keep track of her "spirited" daughter's driving...

distracted driving teens safety