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Romanticizing Cars of Decades Past
Jan 15, 2020

Romanticizing Cars of Decades Past

Dear Car Talk

The quiet ride associated with behemoths has evolved over time

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Here's Our Handy Shock Bounce Test Instructions
Nov 09, 2017

Here's Our Handy Shock Bounce Test Instructions

Dear Car Talk

The "bounce test" is a great combination of cardio workout and shock absorber diagnostic.

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Feb 22, 2017

Alignment Is the First Thing to Check When Car Sways on the Road

Dear Car Talk

Elizabeth's Datsun 280ZX loves to wander, but not in a good way. What's going to fix her Z car?

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why does the air suspension system in my lincoln lag when it's cold
Mar 18, 2016

Today: What's Wrong With Bonnie's Lincoln Navigator?

Dear Car Talk

The air suspension system on Bonnie's 2003 Lincoln Navigator seems to work fine until the weather gets cold. Can Car Talk diagnose the problem?

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Car feels like it had an impact when stopping
Jun 18, 2013

Dangerous Stuff First, Expensive Stuff Second

Dear Car Talk

That's Tom and Ray's advice for Bob, who's car has been making strange thumps and jolts when he parks. It sounds like bad news for Bob's wallet. Find out what Tom and Ray think could be causing it, right here. 

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Apr 03, 2013

Shock Value

Staff Blog

Your dash-mounted hula dancer puts in for worker’s comp, and other signs you need new shocks.


Can air in struts cause a bumpy ride
Feb 19, 2013

Today: Bouncing Caused by Air in the Struts?

Dear Car Talk

Patricia's Infiniti is bouncing all over the road after a recent service. Her mechanic says holes in her struts caused them to fill up with air and if she waits a few weeks, the air will leak out everything will go back to normal. Patricia is skeptical. Can Tom and Ray help her out?

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how do i really know when i need shocks
Aug 02, 2012

Today: Ken Wonders When to Change the Shocks

Dear Car Talk

Ken wants to know how he can tell when he needs to get new shocks. It turns out there are many variables to consider. Read Tom and Ray's highly unscientific calculations right here, plus a test that you can try at home. 

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 Best way to approach a speed bump
Aug 01, 2011

Today: What's the best way to approach a speed bump?

Dear Car Talk

I live in a gated community with lots of speed bumps to deter speeding I am always amazed at the ingenious techniques people use when they go over speed bumps There is the one-wheel technique the diagonal technique and of...

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