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Raindrops Keep Falling on His Head
Oct 16, 2018

Raindrops Keep Falling on His Head

Dear Car Talk

Leaky sunroof defies repeated attempts to fix the problem

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Toyota RAV4 has leaky a sunroof
Sep 22, 2015

Today: Fix for a Leaky Sunroof?

Dear Car Talk

Sharon replaced the leaky sunroof in her Toyota RAV4 two years ago. Now she's hearing water in the roof again. Can she dry out the roof? Or does Car Talk have a better idea? Find out.

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Cost of repairing a sunroof
Mar 15, 2012

Should Laura Fix Her Sunroof?

Dear Car Talk

Laura loves her RAV4 but the cost of repairing the broken sunroof would be half the value of the car. Should she fix it, or is it time to invest in a new set of wheels?


Jan 01, 2000

What are my DIY options for installing my own sunroof?

Dear Car Talk

I am the proud owner of a Mercury Grand Marquis station wagon Right now it's painted spearmint green with two large racing stripes up the middle I have also attached several strands of Christmas tree lights to the hood This...

DIY sunroofs

Oct 01, 1997

Am I wrong to be frustrated that my sunroof is leaking after only 4 years? Can I repair it myself?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Subaru Legacy Wagon It's the th Silver Anniversary L Plus Sports Wagon Edition That means I have a sports suspension fancy wheels turbo leather steering wheel and LEAKING electric sunroof When it rains the sunroof leaks on...

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May 01, 1991

What really is a "moonroof?"

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I are in the midst of a serious domestic dispute that only the two of you can help resolve He recently purchased a car with a hole cut in the roof He maintains that it's a moonroof...