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Jun 01, 2007

Windows open or closed, when parked on a steamy summer day? Tom and Ray settle a marital debate.

Dear Car Talk

I have an ongoing "debate" with my hubby about whether or not to leave our car windows open slightly when it is really, really hot. One of us says we need to do this to keep the windows and windshield...

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is 210 degrees high enough above 195 degrees to worry about overheating in my car
Jul 01, 2004

My thermostat reads 210 degrees on warm days. Should I be worried?

Dear Car Talk

I'm part of the male population that in the past you have politely referred to as anal-retentive when it comes to car care I'm getting better though Thanks to your sage counseling I no longer shake the car to make...

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what is vapor lock and can adding diesel fix it
Dec 01, 2003

Diesel in a gasoline engine to prevent vapor lock? Awful idea.

Dear Car Talk

While driving home from work on a hot day this past summer the guy who gives the road reports said You'll notice a lot of cars off to the side of the road today suffering from vapor lock He suggested...

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does leather absorb more heat than cloth in terms of car upholstery
Jan 01, 2003

Will a black car with leather interior get too hot in the summer?

Dear Car Talk

I desperately need your help My dear husband of years has given me the privilege of choosing a brand-new car Everything was going so well until it came to my choice of color I chose an Accord EX in black...

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Jun 01, 2002

Which oil weight is best for my engine to stand up to Saudi Arabian heat?

Dear Car Talk

Greetings from Saudi Arabia I am stationed here for a year I bought a ' Chevy Caprice -- you have no idea how many of these cars are over here -- with a good-running good-compression V In the summer temperatures...

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Nov 01, 2000

Should I lower the pressure in my tires when it's hot outside?

Dear Car Talk

There has been a lot of publicity lately regarding the correct pressure psi versus psi for certain types of tires on certain types of vehicles which I won't mention by name Editor's note We'll mention 'em It's Firestone tires on...

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Jan 01, 2000

Why does my car's fuel efficiency change so much between summer and winter?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chevy Nova with miles on it It is well-maintained During the summer it gets a decent miles per gallon but in the winter it gets only about mpg on the same highway with the same driver Why...

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Jul 01, 1999

Another "driving on the beach" question.

Dear Car Talk

I was wondering if you could answer another question about driving on the beach I have a permit that allows me to drive on the nearby beaches and to be able to drive on the beach you must first let...

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Jul 01, 1999

Should you deflate your tires before driving on the beach?

Dear Car Talk

My girlfriend and are having a disagreement over the need to adjust tire pressures on her Jeep Wagoneer when we drive on the beach She says that she has been given the advice to deflate the tires before going on...

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Jan 01, 1998

Dry ice is NOT a good way to cool your car's interior during an Arizona summer.

Dear Car Talk

I live in Phoenix where the temperature runs as high as degrees in the summer Inside the car the temperature is much higher And even though I have air conditioning it is unbearably hot when first getting into the car...

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