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what damage can a security gate cause to the underside of my car
Jul 10, 2012

Today: The Air Force Bent Bryony's BMW

Dear Car Talk

Bryony was driving to her job on an Air Force base when the troops manning the gate accidentaly raised the security barrier and damaged her car. She's worried that this bent the frame. Tom and Ray answer her question and have some bonus advice for Bryony about how to make her future dealings with Air Force security go more smoothly.

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Car fell off tow truck
Oct 01, 2011

Today: Joe's car fell off the tow truck. Now what?

Dear Car Talk

I had the opportunity to watch my car fall off a flatbed tow truck last night in the middle of Brooklyn Nothing like waiting two hours for a tow truck because the car wouldn't start and then seeing it sitting...

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How to safely hook up a tow line
Mar 01, 2011

Today: how to pull out a stuck car when you don't have a hitch.

Dear Car Talk

I have a 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor all-wheel drive, and I was wondering if there is a good place to hook a tow rope so I can help pull my wife's car when she gets stuck in the driveway? I know most...

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Can my engine fall out
Dec 01, 2010

How a few loose bolts caused Robyn a whole lot of driving excitement.

Dear Car Talk

The engine on my '97 Pontiac Bonneville FELL OUT while I was driving 55 miles an hour yesterday! Luckily I am fine. Had it happened mere seconds sooner, I would have been in a lake, as my steering and brakes were...


Sep 01, 1998

My Bronco is still pulling to the side, even after $300 worht of alignment and bushings.

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a Ford Bronco II It has a fairly bad pulling problem It's been pulling to the right since I've had it When I took it to the shop they replaced the two front bushings which connect the...

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Sep 01, 1998

What could cause three axles and three CV joints to blow in three days if it's not the motor mounts?

Dear Car Talk

Help My friend has a Dodge Caravan V with an automatic transmission The driver's-side axle has been replaced three times in four days The same thing keeps happening The inner CV joint keeps blowing apart within about yards All three...

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Oct 01, 1989

How do I stop up the holes in my car?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Chevy Chevette with no floor I'm a single nurse trying to make ends meet--in this case I'd like to make the sides of my car meet I put down a couple of pieces of sheet metal but...

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