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Can a broken strut fix itself
Jul 07, 2015

Did Dana's Strut Fix Itself?

Dear Car Talk

Dana recently broke a strut on a bad road. It came loose and was hanging down. A few days later, she loo'ked again, and the broken part was upright and in place again. What's going on here?


Can air in struts cause a bumpy ride
Feb 19, 2013

Today: Bouncing Caused by Air in the Struts?

Dear Car Talk

Patricia's Infiniti is bouncing all over the road after a recent service. Her mechanic says holes in her struts caused them to fill up with air and if she waits a few weeks, the air will leak out everything will go back to normal. Patricia is skeptical. Can Tom and Ray help her out?

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Toyota Camry has a leaky strut
Jan 20, 2012

Who Should Fix Todd's Camry?

Dear Car Talk

Todd's Toyota Camry is leaking fluid but the dealer says it's no big deal. Should they fix it anyway?

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Feb 01, 2008

Today: struts of all stripes, reviewed.

Dear Car Talk

My '91 Buick LeSabre Custom needs replacement struts, and I am stumped. I went to the mechanic the other day, and he asked me what type of struts I wanted. I had no idea what he meant. So he asked...


Aug 01, 2007

Today: learn the signs and symptoms of worn out shocks and struts.

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought for my daughter a Ford T-bird from an acquaintance who bought it new kept it in great shape and only put miles on it When taking it for an oil change and inspection the shop suggested new...

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did a broken strut cause my car crash on the freeway
Nov 01, 2005

Which came first, the blown tire or the broken strut?

Dear Car Talk

I am a woman who had a serious accident on the freeway this morning when I had a blown tire, lost control of my car ('94 Camry four-door sedan), hit the concrete divider, spun out of control and finally came...

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why would my strut plates need to be repaced so soon
Apr 01, 2003

Worth contacting Toyota's zone manager to see about strut repair.

Dear Car Talk

I have just been told by our Toyota dealer that our Avalon with miles needs new strut plates AND struts for a mere the car is incredibly noisy thunk thunk thunk when going over any size bump and even on...


Sep 01, 2002

Does bad alignment cause tires to "cup"?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Honda Civic with miles Over the past month I've noticed that my car seems to bounce excessively when I'm driving over bumps Also when I am accelerating or braking quickly on a bumpy surface the wheels...

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Jan 01, 2000

Are damaged struts a safety hazard, or just a loud, uncomfortable annoyance?

Dear Car Talk

We have a Toyota Tercel and have been informed that we need new struts We have been driving the car in this condition for some time and it's gotten so bad that the rear of the car makes a loud...

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Nov 01, 1998

Why do struts have to be replaced in pairs?

Dear Car Talk

I've got a simple question Why do struts have to be replaced in pairs I have a ' Cavalier that had new struts put on a year ago after getting hit while parked The same thing happened this year and...