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Holding the button while applying the parking brake
Jul 18, 2013

Husband Vs. Wife: The Grating Parking Brake

Dear Car Talk

Today, Carolyn writes in to ask Tom and Ray to settle a marital dispute. She hates the sound the parking brake makes when it engages. Carolyn's logic is that since you can avoid the the sound by holding in the release button while you engage the brake, this must be better for the car somehow. Her husband doesn't seem to care. Get Tom and Ray's verdict on this important topic, right here.

spouses parking brakes

Decorate car for a wedding
Feb 26, 2013

Today: Tom and Ray as Wedding Planners?

Dear Car Talk

A groom-to-be writes to Tom and Ray for advice about his upcoming wedding reception. He wants to stop the maid of honor from covering his beloved car in "Just Married" decorations after the ceremony. We usually leave this sort of thing to "Dear Abby"; can Tom and Ray help out this time?

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advice for storing vintage car collection
May 03, 2012

Ron's Leaving His Wife -- For His Cars

Dear Car Talk

Ron's wife gave him an ultimatum: her or the antique car collection. After 5 seconds of soul searching, Ron chose the cars. Can Tom and Ray save this marriage? (And why should they bother?)


Correct way to shift gears
Nov 22, 2011

Is this husband's latest shifting method going to ruin the car?

Dear Car Talk

My husband used to drive like an old man in his 1997 Camry but ever since he bought a 6-speed 2004 Acura TSX, he's been shifting like a race car driver. Has this car ruined him for life?

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Should you let your spouse repair your car
Mar 01, 2010

Today: The pros and cons of having your boyfriend repair your car.

Dear Car Talk

I'm a busy, poor veterinary student with an old, 1989 Volvo 240 DL. I have a wannabe boyfriend/mechanic who likes to tear into things and see what's inside, then put things back together the best he can. I appreciate his efforts...

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Sep 01, 2000

Did pouring water into the crankcase do any permanent damage?

Dear Car Talk

I got what I thought was some rather heartening news yesterday My ex-wife who has done her best to flaunt the fact that she got the house the dog and all my tools and albums even the ones I got...


Jan 01, 1999

Marital disagreement: to build a Lotus or remodel the kitchen?

Dear Car Talk

My husband Tom and I need some marriage counseling We have been married for years and have weathered a variety of car disagreements but the current one is the most difficult Tom who is in midlife wants to buy a...


Sep 01, 1995

Dr. Ruth weighs in on how to keep your husband from being too obsessed with his "hard body".

Dear Car Talk

My husband has a Nissan Hard body truck I don't know what a hard body is but he likes talking about it The truck has been great with only one problem--the red paint oxidizes terribly Therefore my husband spends hours...

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Jun 01, 1995

What do you always side with the ladies?

Dear Car Talk

You guys are always downgrading men when it comes to automotive knowledge You almost always publish incidents where the woman is right and the hubby or some other guy is wrong Are you guys afraid of women Rudy TOM No...

spouses hate mail

Mar 01, 1995

Why would my husband listen to his little brother when he is NEVER right?

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I really enjoy your column I have a story for you about brothers and cars My husband's brother John has two older cars The transmission went on his favorite beater so he had to do some minor...