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Nov 01, 1999

If the solenoids I paid to replace are later recalled am I entitles to a refund?

Dear Car Talk

My mother had the power door lock solenoids burn up while she was in her Toyota Camry She had to climb out the window to escape My father had to remove all of the solenoids himself so that the doors...

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May 01, 1999

What could be causing problems with the battery, alternator and starter?

Dear Car Talk

I have an ' Mercury Grand Marquis with a V- engine and miles A year ago the battery died I recharged it and it died again I had the alternator and starter relay replaced After that the battery was fine...

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Dec 01, 1995

99% chance that your Suburu's "Check Engine Light" is on because of a bad solenoid.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Subaru GL station wagon with miles There is not a dealer around and local mechanics can't answer this question After about minutes of operation the ECS light comes on I assume this indicates a scheduled adjustment or...

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Sep 01, 1994

I have a Nissan Sentra with miles on it It...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Nissan Sentra with miles on it It has been trouble free until this summer You normally have to depress the clutch before you turn the ignition switch to start the engine But lately especially on hot days...

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