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Difference between winter tires and regular tires
Oct 04, 2016

The Case for Winter Tires...On a Skating Rink!

Jim Motavalli

Notre Dame's skating rink was the setting for a showdown between all-season and winter tires. Guess which ones won?

winter snow tires

Jan 20, 2016

Winter Arrives: A History of Snow Plows, Winter Tires, and More

Jim Motavalli

January is blowing a wintry blast across America, and it's time to think about snow removal--and driving on safe tires.

winter snow tires history

Winter car recommendations
Dec 08, 2015

Is Hyundai Elantra GT the Right Car for Winter?

Dear Car Talk

Martin slid off the highway last winter and is worried that his 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT is not the right car for winter. What does Car Talk suggest?

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Snow tires for a Subaru Forester
Dec 01, 2015

Does Kelly Need Snow Tires for Her Subaru?

Dear Car Talk

Kelly just moved to Montana and traded in her beloved Honda Civic for a Subaru Forester. Does she also need to get snow tires? Car Talk's answer here.

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Can you use snow tires all year
Jul 02, 2015

Is it OK to Use Snow Tires Year Round?

Dear Car Talk

Over the winter, Leeanita got a Nissan Rogue that came with brand new snow tires. She loves the way they handle. Can she keep them on year-round? Car Talk's advice right here.

snow tires

Jan 30, 2015

Winter Tires: Here's Why You Need Them

Jim Motavalli

Remember when the first day of winter meant hauling out the snow tires? We've been fooled by "all-season radials" into thinking we don't need winter tires anymore, but who're we kidding?

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Dec 17, 2013

Snow Patrol: All-Wheel Drive Won't Help Without Winter-Friendly Tires

Jim Motavalli

My 2014 BMW has AWD and traction control, but it slipped all over the road during the recent winter storm. Why? Blame the performance tires.

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How many snow tires to buy
Oct 17, 2013

Preparing for Winter: Snow Tires for Sandrine

Dear Car Talk

Sandrine wants to get snow tires for her recently purchased Hyundai Elantra, but she's getting conflicting advice about how many tires she needs, and whether she should get them at all. Tom and Ray explain that while two used to be the norm, getting snow tires for all four wheels is now a better bet. More about how snow tires have improved and what it means for Sandrine, right here. 

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Does tire size affect the odometer and speedometer
Jan 01, 2013

Old Snow Tires and New Math

Dear Car Talk

Paul traded in his Prius for a new one in the spring. His mechanic says it's safe to use his old snow tires, but since there's a tiny size difference, it will affect the accuracy of the odometer and speedometer. Paul thinks this will be a tough story to sell to the nice officer if he gets pulled over for speeding. Can Tom and Ray help him crunch the numbers or should he just "fuggedaboutit"?

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snow tires
Dec 06, 2012

Snow Tires

Tom Bodett

35/55 R18 100R VI/DM? Do you speak "winter snow tire"? Tom Bodett provides a translation-- well, sort of.

winter snow tires