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Nov 01, 1998

A cloud of white smoke blasts through the vents when I turn the AC on.

Dear Car Talk

I park every day feet from where Bill Gates parks his Lexus I enjoy having my beat-up little Pontiac parked wheel-to-wheel with those foreign luxury millionaire non-previously-owned vehicles Lately I've noticed a noxious odor coming through the air vents to...

air conditioning smoke

Apr 01, 1998

Help! I can't get the previous owner's cigarette smoke smell out of my new-to-me van.

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased an ' Chevy Astro van for my wife at an auction My mechanic has done the necessary repairs and it looks like we got a fairly good deal The only problem is that the car stinks --...

smoke smells cleaning

Dec 01, 1996

Smoke in the heater vents and the smell of coolant? Sounds like a leaky heater core.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Chrysler LeBaron When I first start the car smoke comes out of the heater vents This doesn't happen every time but when it does there's also a strange odor Do you have any idea what this might...

leaks smoke

Mar 01, 1994

A friend and I both have Chevrolet Berettas His is...

Dear Car Talk

A friend and I both have Chevrolet Berettas His is an ' mine is a ' We both have the same problem At times when the ignition key is turned on a puff of smoke and even a flame shoot...

smoke ignition

Feb 01, 1994

What causes a ' Honda CVCC to be enveloped by...

Dear Car Talk

What causes a ' Honda CVCC to be enveloped by blue smoke when it is started It began smoking at miles Now at miles it literally DISAPPEARS in a cloud of blue smoke whenever I start it Yet when warmed...


Jan 01, 1994

On cold days when an engine is first started the...

Dear Car Talk

On cold days when an engine is first started the exhaust is visible as a white smoke Then when the engine warms up the exhaust becomes colorless Why is this John TOM Great question John My brother happens to be...

smoke exhaust pipes

Sep 01, 1992

The case of the smoking steering column.

Dear Car Talk

Occasionally when I start my Chevrolet Beretta a little puff of white smoke comes out of the steering column right behind the steering wheel This only happens when start ing the car and not every time It's not dust Do...

smoke steering

Aug 01, 1992

White smoke is coming out of Jim's Honda: new pope or something else?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Honda Accord five speed with miles I change the oil every miles and monitor all other vi tal fluids The car gets good gas mileage and runs fairly well but I have a problem with white smoke...

smoke gaskets

Feb 01, 1992

What causes smoking Caravans?

Dear Car Talk

Our Dodge Caravan miles liter automatic exudes malodorous blue and black smoke and idles roughly when first started After two to three minutes it runs normally Our mechanic says this is oil leaking past the valve guides and is characteristic...


Oct 01, 1989

Why does my car release a big cloud of blue exhaust smoke?

Dear Car Talk

I have a four-door Subaru GL with a little over miles I get good mileage an average of miles per gallon My problem is that approximately every tenth start there is a big cloud of blue exhaust smoke What causes...