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Placement of gear shifters
Nov 14, 2013

Today: Gear Shifter Location

Dear Car Talk

Bob writes in with an auto-philosophical question: Why are some gear shifters floor-mounted in the center while others are on the steering column? Tom and Ray explain why designers can pretty much put the shifter anywhere they want. But Tom claims there's one good reason to keep it on the steering column...snuggling.


is it bad to not press the button when shifting
Jun 01, 2010

Is Elaine's partner driving her beloved VW a tad too aggressively?

Dear Car Talk

We are Americans living in England, and have a 2000 VW Beetle automatic that I named Betty. I hope you can settle a domestic argument for us (preferably by siding with me). The VW is my "baby," and until I started...

driving tips manual transmissions shifters

when am i supposed to use overdrive
Nov 01, 2006

When should you be in "overdrive?" Check out Tom and Ray's tutorial.

Dear Car Talk

After driving for 40 years and never having blown an engine or transmission, my husband blew up on a recent road trip (in which I was driving), because after two hours, he noticed that I still had the car in drive...

driving tips shifters transmissions

is there anything i can do to warm up my car faster in the winter
Jul 01, 2006

Why won't Scott's repo'd Kia shift when it's cold out? Tom and Ray make the diagnosis.

Dear Car Talk

I picked up a repo'd 2000 Kia Sephia last fall. It's in great shape. The only problem I have with the car is that whenever it gets bitter cold -- which it does a lot where I live, in Montana --...


Dec 01, 1997

You paid for a new starter, but it was replacing the $11 "neutral safety switch" that fixed your Suburban.

Dear Car Talk

I had a problem with my ' Chevrolet Suburban For a period of approximately one month I could not get the engine started I'd turn the key and nothing at all would happen When I moved the shift handle slightly...

liability shifters starters

Sep 01, 1993

You should charge the dealer for your diagnosis...

Dear Car Talk

I have a brand new automatic Toyota Corolla It will not start AT TIMES I have taken it back to the dealership twice and they cannot find the problem They instructed me once to put it in Neutral and try...