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Dec 01, 1996

Engine races when car is partially warmed up and restarted.

Dear Car Talk

Ford Taurus It has a problem which has baffled the mechanics at my Ford dealer When the car is partially warmed up and is restarted after having been off for a while the engine races And it only does this...


Jan 01, 1995

Today: The case of the buzzing oil light.

Dear Car Talk

I own this beautiful cream-colored Audi with miles and I love it I use it mostly for shopping and it hasn't failed me yet It does one annoying thing though that infuriates me For no reason that I can find...

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May 01, 1993

How do oxygen sensors work?

Dear Car Talk

I have a question about the oxygen sensor on my Toyota Corolla How does it work and what is its purpose John TOM That's a good question John The oxygen sensor is part of the emission control system RAY Isn't...

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Nov 01, 1991

Jim's fuel gauge perpetually runs on empty.

Dear Car Talk

The fuel gauge on our Mercury Grand Marquis Wagon has stopped working The gauge reads empty at all times and the low fuel light is always on The service manager at the dealership says that the gas tank will have...

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Apr 01, 1991

An oxygen Sensor question, from our Three Stooges department.

Dear Car Talk

I'm standing at one of these while-u-wait tune up joints having just agreed to pay dollars for something called an oxygen sensor for my ' Buick Skylark The guy with the clipboard pulled me over pointed to an innocuous little...


Feb 01, 1991

Sworn to secrecy!

Dear Car Talk

I have a Renault Fuego in which I need to replace the oxygen sensor I have a Chilton's Repair and Tune Up Guide which shows the location of the oxygen sensor very clearly My problem is that the oxygen sensor...

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Apr 01, 1990

Must I replace my oxygen sensor?

Dear Car Talk

I drive a late model car At miles the oxygen sensor light came on I have gotten conflicting opinions about the importance of replacing the oxygen sensor when this dashboard light comes on One mechanic told me it's necessary for...

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