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The Harri, a concept car from German autonomy company Bertrand
Jan 10, 2020

CES 2020: Touring the Autonomous, Electric, Connected Cars

Jim Motavalli

The big Consumer Electronics Show is looking forward to self driving in infotainment-enriched pods. When will it happen? Well, that's still the big question.

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Self-driving golf cart at Ben Gurion University
Mar 16, 2018

From Israel's Negev Desert: Cool Tech for Cars

Jim Motavalli

One Israeli startup is building a folding car, and Ben-Gurion University's researchers are advancing autonomy, playing games to learn how we behave behind the wheel, and going all out with robots, drones and cyber security.


An electric car from BMW at the Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal
Nov 10, 2017

Self-Driving Cars? They're Here Now. And Lots More Besides.

Jim Motavalli

Bombshells and milestone on the road to autonomy at the Web Summit in Portugal. Oh, and Al Gore, too.

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Driverless cars from google
Oct 27, 2017

Driverless = Powerless?

J.C. Howard

The power lost with fully electric, fully autonomous vehicles.


Sep 08, 2017

Reviving the Rust Belt: Detroit Comes Back, With Self-Driving Cars

Jim Motavalli

Autonomous vehicle technology is front and center in Detroit and the Motor City is learning some new tricks.

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Mcity: A test track for self-driving cars
Jan 18, 2017

Appearances Are Deceiving at Michigan's Self-Driving Car Test Tracks

Jim Motavalli

Remember the Truman Show? Michigan's fake towns serve a purpose--testing autonomous and connected vehicles, without having to be on public roads. Global automakers are paying attention. 

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Delphi self driving car
Dec 04, 2016

Thinking Machines: A Ride in Delphi's Self-Driving Cars, Targeted for 2019

Jim Motavalli

Autonomous from Delphi and Uber cars hit the road in Pittsburgh, where once the steel trucks ruled.


2016 European Web Summit
Nov 14, 2016

Talking Robots, Connected Scooters and Sharing Rides at the Web Summit

Jim Motavalli

Europe's answer to CES is just as packed with great tech ideas. Previously in Dublin, now it connects in Lisbon.

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Pros and cons of self driving cars
Oct 13, 2016

Build First, Ask Questions Later

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Autonomous cars will change the way we live. So why is industry getting to call our shot into the future?

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