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May 01, 1996

Why am I getting a shock every time I touch my truck's door?

Dear Car Talk

Dodge Dakota and whenever I leave the truck I get a shock when I touch the door This is really starting to tick me off Other than wearing a rubber suit and gloves what can I do -- Duke RAY...

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Mar 01, 1995

Why was nitrogen used in race car tires?

Dear Car Talk

The recent inquiry about using nitrogen in tires caught my eye I was in the automobile trade in the s and s The only time I remember using nitrogen in tires was at the Indianapolis speedway Race cars there used...

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Feb 01, 1995

If my car is struck by lightening, what are the odds of getting electricuted?

Dear Car Talk

A car driven by someone I know was travelling down the highway and was struck by lightning Fire flamed up the antenna and also burned a hole in one tire The occupant was OK Would we be in any danger...

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Jan 01, 1995

Tom and Ray break down the science behind the use of four valves per cylinder, rather than two.

Dear Car Talk

I grew up in the service department of a large automobile dealership and was in the auto parts business for thirty years However the advantage of having four valves per cylinder instead of two is difficult for me to grasp...

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Aug 01, 1994

Where does all the rubber go that wears off our tires?

Dear Car Talk

According to the book Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth every two weeks Americans wear almost million pounds of rubber off their tires enough to make more than three million new tires from scratch Now I dodge...

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Mar 01, 1993

Liters, defined.

Dear Car Talk

I am confused about the meaning of the term liters What does it mean Is a high liter rating better than a low one My car says liters Frank RAY Well there are several types of liters Frank There's the...


Mar 01, 1993

Will mixing 85 and 90 octane gas result in 87.5 octane gas?

Dear Car Talk

Both of my cars recommend octane unleaded gas which is readily available where I live But sometimes on the road regular unleaded is octane premium unleaded is and there's no available I've noticed this especially in parts of Utah and...

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