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Jun 01, 2000

How does static electricity dissipate before a gas nozzle comes in contact with a car?

Dear Car Talk

How does the static electricity that builds up on a moving car get dissipated before the gas-pump nozzle touches the fill pipe and causes a spark Just wondering -- Lawrence TOM Static electricity is dissipated through the car's tires Lawrence...

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Feb 01, 1999

Why did starting my car with a trickle charger attached to the battery cause said battery to explode?

Dear Car Talk

Several months ago I was having some difficulty with my car battery It was not holding a charge so I had the bright idea of putting a trickle charger on it and charging it up overnight so that I could...

batteries science

Mar 01, 1998

Fact or fiction: Diesel is less polluting than gasoline.

Dear Car Talk

My husband is buying a new Ford pickup He wants to buy a diesel engine because he says it's more fuel-efficient will last longer and is less polluting than gas I don't know about the first two but I find...

diesel emissions science

Oct 01, 1997

Could the shock I get when closing the door of my Geo Metro be to do with the lightening ball I was hit with years ago?

Dear Car Talk

My Geo Metro miles gives me a nasty shock whenever I get out and close the door Oooww Is something wrong with it It has done this occasionally for years but lately it seems worse Could it have something to...

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Oct 01, 1997

We heard from a lot of experts about our assertion that a truck's gas mileage would improve with the tailgate down.

Dear Car Talk

I read your recent article in which a reader also named Kathy asked whether a pickup truck gets better gas mileage with the tailgate up or down You guys said down My husband and I made a very large bet...

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Aug 01, 1997

Speculation on whether it's more aerodynamic to drive a truck with the tailgate up or down.

Dear Car Talk

My father wants me to do an experiment with our pickup truck on our upcoming drive from Seattle to L A He believes leaving the tailgate down will improve fuel economy by three to five miles per gallon We have...

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Jun 01, 1997

I know your recommend a gas stabilizer for fuel storage, but my lawn mower motors seem to be running fine without it.

Dear Car Talk

Last year I forgot to drain out my gas in several lawn-mower-type motors and this spring they all started perfectly I know you guys have recommended a gasoline stabilizer for seasonal storage but how come my motors started right up...

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Jul 01, 1996

How is it that coolant, aka "anti-freeze", can protect against both hot and cold temperatures?

Dear Car Talk

This is not really a car question but it has to do with a car It will help you to know that I'm from Canada where winters are very cold My husband kept running away then I met this great...

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Jul 01, 1996

True or False: There are bacteria lining the roadways that eat up worn tire tread material.

Dear Car Talk

I saw one of your old columns in which you wondered what happened to all the tread worn off tires New Jersey was concerned about that some years ago and determined that bacteria had developed along major freeways like the...

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May 01, 1996

Why does a helium balloon in the car go backwards when you step on the brakes?

Dear Car Talk

The other day my kids had a helium-filled balloon in the car Whenever I stepped on the brakes all the passengers were pushed forward but the helium filled balloon went backwards Why is this -- Jeff TOM Great question Jeff...