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What to do if driver falls asleep
Nov 01, 2011

Today: What to Do When the Driver Loses Consciousness

Dear Car Talk

My husband was driving our Yukon on the highway cruise control set on when he passed out. He was in the left-hand lane of four lanes so I reached over, turned off the ignition and steered to the left hand shoulder.

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should I give up my right of way at a stop sign
May 01, 2011

Can a driver be too polite?

Dear Car Talk

I read your column all the time and value your opinion (especially if you side with me!) My husband (whom I call Bubba, if you are interested) frequently will stop to let someone else go first at intersections, when he...

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How not to hydroplane
Dec 01, 2010

Today: Tom and Ray share tips for preventing hydroplaning.

Dear Car Talk

Ted recently bought a 2005 VW Beetle but is worried its tendency to hydroplane in the rain. He wants to install an aftermarket stability control but Tom and Ray think there are better (and easier) ways to prevent hydroplaning.

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what to do if your brakes stop working
Sep 01, 2010

What's the right way to stop safely, if your brakes fail?

Dear Car Talk

I just saw a few minutes of "Worst Case Scenario: Brakes Fail" on TV, and it seemed like they were suggesting the opposite of what I've always been told. Basically, the host was saying if you're going under 20 mph, then...

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Should I have my headlights on always
Aug 01, 2010

Headlights on during daylight hours? See what Tom and Ray say.

Dear Car Talk

I enjoy your column every week. In our cars, the headlights turn off automatically when we exit the vehicle, so there's no danger of leaving the lights on and draining the battery. So my wife and I just leave...

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What to do if gas pedal sticks to floor
Feb 01, 2010

Today: What to do if unintended acceleration happens to you.

Dear Car Talk

Recently, there was a large recall of Toyotas because the gas pedal could get stuck on the floor mat and cause the car to keep accelerating wildly. Yesterday the pedal got stuck in my 2008 Honda Accord. What should you do...

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Why tailgaiting is bad
Jun 01, 2009

Tom and Ray analyze Lois' boneheaded, tailgating husband.

Dear Car Talk

I need help. I am married to a bonehead. My husband insists on pulling practically into the trunk of cars in front of him. Moving, stopped -- it doesn't matter. At stoplights, not only does he pull to within inches...

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Oct 01, 2008

Does locking the car doors help keep you safer in an accident?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I have had a "spirited discussion" about this question. My wife always insists that we lock the doors when driving so they don't "pop open accidentally." I prefer unlocked, because should we have an accident, the first...

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where do i place a load to get the best traction
Sep 01, 2007

Today: A reader throws down the gauntlet. See if Tom and Ray goofed in a recent column.

Dear Car Talk

Hey guys, I found an error in your otherwise good column. The subject was placement of weight in the trunk to make more-effective traction for a rear-wheel-drive car. You stated that the best place to put the weight is directly...

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Jul 01, 2007

Should cruise be on, when Joyce's 16-year-old is doing 70 mph on a rainy night?

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I are the proud parents of a 16-year-old boy. Yes, he does have his driver's license. Oh my! While he was driving 70 mph on the interstate on a rainy night, he had a hard time hearing my...

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