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Is it legal to drive with three people in the front
Feb 13, 2014

Today: Do Seatbelt Laws Apply to Old Jaguar?

Dear Car Talk

David has an old Jaguar. When he was young and irresponsible, he used to drive with three people in the front. Is that still legal? Was it ever? Tom and Ray suggest he get a second Jag. That way he'll have enough seatbelts for four and he'll double his chances of being able to start at least one of them on any given day.

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Does pressing the brake and accelerator at once damage brakes
Oct 10, 2013

Dad vs. Driver's Ed: Brakes Question

Dear Car Talk

Katie just finished driver's ed and was taught that driving through puddles can impact a car's braking capability. The instructor said they could solve this by braking lightly a few times after hitting a puddle. But her dad says all this does is wear out the brakes. Find out why Tom and Ray award this round to Katie's dear old dad, right here.

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Aug 16, 2013

Something Serious, For a Change...

Staff Blog

Every week, we get mail sharing stories about people who have been killed or seriously injured by distracted drivers. Please take a moment out of your day to watch even just a minute of it this video and share it with your friends and family.

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Feb 07, 2013

Winter Driving with the Pros: The South Pole

Staff Blog

What's the single most important winter driving tip from the Cargo and Logistics Department at the South Pole? Car Talk visits with the veteran crew that knows how to stay safe when driving conditions are extreme. 

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Feb 19, 2013

Winter Driving with the Pros: Mt. Washington

Staff Blog

What's winter driving like in the "Home of the World's Worst Weather"? Car Talk talks with Mike Pelchat, Park Manager at New Hampshire's Mount Washington State Park.

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Does it save gas to drive up hills slowly
Jan 10, 2013

Technically Correct Is Technically Annoying

Dear Car Talk

Russell has a theory about saving gas by slowing down when driving up hills. Tom and Ray agree that he's not exactly wrong, but they can't quite bring themselves to endorse his idea either. Read Russell's only-partially-bogus theory right here.

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should i wiggle my steering wheel when driving in snow or rain
Dec 20, 2012

Today: Shirley's Husband's Terrible Advice

Dear Car Talk

Shirley's husband says she can get better traction if she "wiggles" the steering wheel when she takes corners, especially when driving in rain and snow. On a scale of one to completely bogus, how bad is this advice?

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Should I brake when rear-ended
Jan 25, 2012

Bracing for Impact: Is It Better to Brake?

Dear Car Talk

From the department of hypothetical driving, Dwayne wonders what to do when you suspet you're about to be involved in a rear-end collision.

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What gear to use on ice
Dec 22, 2011

Is gliding on ice in neutral ever a good idea?

Dear Car Talk

Which is better when driving down icy hills: freewheeling in neutral, or driving slowly in a low gear? Tom and Ray are called in to settle this lifelong argument between Carol and her husband.

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Correct way to shift gears
Nov 22, 2011

Is this husband's latest shifting method going to ruin the car?

Dear Car Talk

My husband used to drive like an old man in his 1997 Camry but ever since he bought a 6-speed 2004 Acura TSX, he's been shifting like a race car driver. Has this car ruined him for life?

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