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Sep 01, 1997

Is Toyota's "rust warranty" void in Wisconsin due to salty winter roads?

Dear Car Talk

I'm going to buy a new car -- a black Toyota Camry for use in Wisconsin The dealer says the Toyota rust warranty is essentially void in Wisconsin because we use salt on the roads in the winter Is he...

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Mar 01, 1997

Is the "Cathodic Protection" that dealers are now offering a valid rust inhibitor?

Dear Car Talk

OK guys I went to buy a Honda Accord for my mom But those dealers always have something new up their sleeves This time it was Cathodic Protection aka Auto Saver System It's a little gizmo connected to your car's...

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Sep 01, 1996

Can rustproofing your undercarriage actually do more harm than good?

Dear Car Talk

I'm an old geezer who last bought a new car in Obviously the manufacture and the warranties are different on my new Buick LeSabre Living in the rust belt I can't imagine NOT undercoating the underside of the car The...


Aug 01, 1996

How can I remove rusty drums when brute force and solvents don't work?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Lincoln Town Car with miles on it I used your suggestion of several months ago for separating the rusty wheels from the drums Loosening the lug nuts slightly and hitting the brakes hard while driving slowly did...

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Apr 01, 1996

Will products like Echo-Guard protect my car from rust?

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a product called Echo Guard with a new-car purchase The product is supposed to substitute for normal undercoating and rustproofing It theoretically prevents rust from developing on all metal surfaces by replacing the electrons lost due to...


Dec 01, 1995

Should we pay for the undercoating and rustproofing on a new car?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a brand new Mercury Villager Our question revolves around the issue of undercoating and rustproofing Do we really need to have our car rustproofed And if we do who should...

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Jun 01, 1995

Do new cars need additional rust-proofing these days?

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a Dodge Neon When I was shopping several salesmen told me that the car did not need rustproofing because it came from the factory already rustproofed But when I actually bought the car my salesman told me...


Nov 01, 1994

After reading your article about the difficulty of removing rusty...

Dear Car Talk

After reading your article about the difficulty of removing rusty wheels I thought you might like to know the easiest way This method only works if the tires hold air and the car will run Find a large empty asphalt...

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Jun 01, 1994

I have a Pontiac Grand Am with only miles on...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Pontiac Grand Am with only miles on it I bought it new and it was under coated at the factory The car runs great but the problem I have is with the body It has three times...

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Jan 01, 1994

I presently own a Plymouth Voyager During the spring of...

Dear Car Talk

I presently own a Plymouth Voyager During the spring of I noticed what appeared to be tiny orange rust-like blemishes all over the body I took it to a local dealership and after a quick inspection it was determined that...

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